Thursday, January 12, 2012

The War Against The Sea

You say that only a fool believes that everyone has some good in their heart. 

You say that only a fool makes music in their mind.

You say that only a fool loves hate back. 

You say that only a fool leans against the wind. 

You say that only a fool takes on a planet.

You say that only a fool holds out hope. 

You say that only a fool tries to fly. 

You say that only a fool fights the sea. 

Very well. 

I am that fool. And I will die fighting. 


Susan said...


tharangni said...


MKMoondust said...

That makes me a fool too, but I'd rather be a fool than normal like the rest

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the biggest fools around, then.

Heather Grace Stewart said...

I don't know how you do it. You are a modern day sage. Love your work. Please visit me too!

Anonymous said...

Hasta aquí hemos llegado.

Anonymous said...

I have been such a fool, such a fool
Burning wishes into the sky
(I thought
they smelled
like hope)
Weaving sentences and coincidences and miracles into
the ghost of you
Oh, I have been such a fool, such a fool
Writing silent letters
for stars with sightless eyes
the happy ending unravels longingly
the last sentence of a long story

what never was,
will never be:
the heart's unfinished sentence

All my love,
All my heart,
flung up inside the universe

(and goodbye)


Amanda said...

I don't feel as much a fool when I know you're being foolish with me.

Anonymous said...

this is incredible. amazing blog!

Debie Grace said...

I am too.

Anonymous said...


Dreamer said...

Maybe I am a fool too.
Or maybe only a dreamer tries to fly... soar above all.
Or maybe only a dreamer holds out hope... faith for the world.

nameless said...

I'll rather be a fool than one void of all emotions and hope; I'll sooner be your fool, than just another .

Anonymous said...

Hope is evil, trust me .... wishes are not.

I have plenty wishes in the NOW.

Anonymous said...

Oh, emotions? but you mean the ones you know,

fear, anger, coldness, lust .... oohhh yeah ... must be that.

Sorry but my favourite emotion is Romance.

Anonymous said...

wariness is something people often confuse with fear

I don't think I'm scared, just a fool

Anonymous said...

I assure you that over the years - yes, amazing years since I was first lucky enough to discover the existance of you my love and adoration and affection has only grown exponentially. Not unlike a snowball rolling along down an equally snowy enormous mountain - gatherimg mass and momentum.

I've since changed physically, emotionally and perchance even spiritually as in looking back into the past I find myself comforted to regard your entrance into my life as destined.

You have me by your side. You always will. Oh, and also... I constantly think about the "somewhere unexpected." But you know me, so you know that as well as I do.


No that's not all... Dreams of us are my favorite dreams.

Rakhi said...
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Unknown said...

So freaking wonderful!!
Plus, you are not the only fool out there. :)

Anonymous said...

The Sea must clean the dirt we make ... that is for sure

Anonymous said...

You are my peace and happiness. Gone from where? <3

Aya adel said...

It touched me, really it did, and from those which wage a battle inside you , to finally gave up screaming I am a fool, you know what?! I am a fool and have never been happier ! <3

Anonymous said...

You will not die alone. I choose to die with you. :-)

Don’t build any more things
with your heart’s hands.
There is no more space in the wall
and we’ve run out of frames.
Don’t you realize
they’re all going
to fall apart,
The floor is littered
with countless remnants
of creations
you’ve fashioned
out of blood, sweat and tears.
Don’t you see
there’s nothing here
that isn’t broken?
Aren’t you tired yet
of being cut open
by the same double-edged knife
held by so
many different men,
of sewing yourself back up
so you could be ready
for the next one?
The crowd has left.
The museum is empty
and there is no one
to listen to stories
of your latest sacrifices.
The recent critiques
have spoken:
love is now outdated
and nobody buys it
bottled extra-virgin
They want it flavored
with something less pure.
The last generation
has died out,
those like you
who could drink it whole.
Your faith disgusts
all of them that are left;
they claim
is a disgrace.
So don’t
busy your heart
with any more heroic acts

you’re willing to rebel
and go against the grain
of disillusionment
and join us
in the honest treachery
of printing misleading names
on the boxes
and giving them love,
unadulterated love,
right when they’re convinced
they’ve given away
something of themselves
in exchange for something
entirely different.

Anonymous said...

I will keep doing my thing, thank you.

Anonymous said...

The war of my life.

ONLY ME said...

Thank you! <3 Stay a fool. Love you.

MelissaB4229 said...

It's like you've taken all of my beliefs and written them down into a beautiful anthem. Thank you <3