Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Different Ways I Die

And it made me lay awake, thinking of everyone I've ever known who died.

And I hoped that someone would lay awake one night, thinking of me.

(Don't worry. I will feel enough for all of you.)


Anonymous said...

I want them to remember me, not only when I die.

Anonymous said...

I know he lies awake, and thinks of me
As I lie awake, and think of him
We're not dead. We're not even close. We're at our prime. Our hearts are beating, our blood is pumping, and the thought of death doesn't even cross our young minds.
You and I, we could do so much more than to simply lay awake and think.. We could be.
But my actions determined our fate. And now we suffer.
Think of you after you die? Yes, I will. But I'll also think of you with every breath that you take.
C.A. I love you. But if all we will ever do is lay awake and think... then we may as well be dead.

Danielle said...

My Great Grandma passed away yesterday and these thoughts have been very heavy lately. Thank you for your beautiful ability to feel.

zonedin said...

I've had all I can take of watching people I love die. It's time for me to live.

Anonymous said...

"But my actions determined our fate. And now we suffer" .... as usual ...

Anonymous said...

I wonder that so many times.
Usually late at night.
And hope that if I die
Someone will think of me
and pray that I'm alive.

(Spontaneous insomnia inspiration)
I do that a lot though. Wondering whether my death will change anyone's world.

Anonymous said...

If I were to die today, I'd die happy, not because I'd think anyone would remember me... but because they'd be the last thing I'd remember.

FeverDream said...

i don't want you to feel anything for me. i want to feel everything for the rest of my life: the good, the bad, the painful. i want nothing more than to lie awake and remember the past, wonder about the future and burn alone.

Anonymous said...

I didn't die! I will take you on old man! Every day!