Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Interleaved Blocks Of Wood, Shot Through With Ink And Shipped Across The World


This year, I will be reissuing a text-only version of I Wrote This For You. Currently, the price of the printed book is around $25.00 on – which is unfortunately out of reach of many people. 200 pages of full-colour photography will do that. The text-only version will be much cheaper although I can’t say exactly how much cheaper yet. If all goes to plan, it’ll contain around 500 entries.

Here is an important bit, in this great big wall of text, hence I am making it bold. Post in the comments below what entries you absolutely have to see in the book. You can also comment on facebook or message me on twitter.

It’s hard for me to create something that doesn’t have Jon’sphotography in it and call it I Wrote This For You because the photography, for me, is an integral part of the process. But I believe there are people who want to be able to hold a piece of this and I believe this is the most reasonable way of doing that.

I will also be releasing a diary/journal that right now has Please Write Back as a working name. It’s a selection of writing from I Wrote This For You, with blank pages that allow you to write back.

If people do actually write back to me, I’m planning on hosting what they write online somewhere and linking it to I Wrote This For You.

There’s also, as always, the I Wrote This For You audio book in the works. It’s taking a long time because there’s about 200 different things I want to do with it and I’m not going to stop until I know which of those 200 things is the best.

Finally, I’m busy working on a standalone book, currently called 21/11 or Intentional Dissonance or Whatever I Feel Like right now as a working title. If I miss a day posting on I Wrote This For You, it’s because I’m working on this.

Keep well. I miss you,



Nouri_E said...

An entry I most definitely want to see in this text only book is The Day You Read This. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

you never cease to amaze me with how much you care.
you're lovely.
never forget that.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see The Occasional Silence in the text only book.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the "Please Write Back" book.

As for what entries to put in the text only version, that's a good question as there are so many!


Anonymous said...

The very first entry. Please? And the short stars.

Anonymous said...

The Day Time Waited For Me. The Fur. The Shop That Rents Happiness.

These three at least have had such an impact on me. Your writing is lovely and sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through the day/break-up/emotional breakdown. Never stop being you. <3

Yvonne said...

My absolute favourite is The Salting Of The Earth and if I were to pick only one entry that I feel must be in the text only book it would be that one. I will reply again and let you know what other entries I would also like to see though.

jennifer said...

I absolutely second The Day You Read This; it's been a staple read of mine for years, and it's one I cherish the most.

The Long Hard Road is another one I'd love to see in the text-only.

Iris said...

The Glass Tower, is my favorite.

I looked for the bartender-themed entries (the ones whose pictures are similar, with glasses and bottles on top of a bar counter and were posted all on the same day, some time in 2007 I think, or 2008) in the text-and-photo book and was disappointed not to find them. Please include them next time around.

jenny said...

my forever favorite- the metal starts to twist. i was sad not seeing it in the book. but it's okay, it's going up on my wall :)

Anonymous said...

The Inscription
The Voice in the Machine
The World is Better Backwards

Kеirα said...

Thank you so much for this.

The brace position.
The things I meant.
The shop that rents happiness.

Anonymous said...

The fire in smoke

What I meant to say was, sometimes I stare at the cigarette in my hand and beg it to stop wasting my time and just kill me. But I figured you didn't want to hear that.

Anonymous said...

I would have to choose The Unfolding and The Pressure To The Wounded...

but if i may only choose one it would be The Last Boss. for me it is perfect.

Anonymous said...

the glass attic of my mind, the house we keep moments in, the grasping of stars x

p.s everything you said you would do or is currently doing is lovely and i wholeheartedly agree with all of it. said...

The text-only book is a fantastic idea, I would definitely be interested.

I would love to see the following included:

- The Storm Before The Calm
- The Things I Have Felt Have Torn Me Apart
- The State Of The Artist
- The Feeling Of Someone Drawing You

Best of luck with all of your projects, and thank you for maintaining this blog.

anthea~ said...

these would be greatly appreciated.

Nhi said...

I have quite a lot that I'm sure most people have requested once or twice, but I hope it's okay if I include them here anyway? These are my absolute favorites!

The Time We Were
The Translation Service
The Wedding
The Here
The Person Happiness Became
The Union of Steel and Space
The Moths Don't Die For Nothing
The Peace in the Disturbance
The Bargain
The Close and the Nearly
The Rose is not Always a Rose
The Stars Whisper to Planes (Sometimes Trains)
The Sheer Arrogance of Loneliness
The Sparks in the Ceiling
The Long Way Home
The Signal Fire
The Time it Takes to Fall
The Commerce
The Rules of Engagement
The Things I Say Before I Go
The Bridge From Solitude
The To Not Do List
The Wires
The Fragments Belong Together
The Beautiful Mess We Could Be
The Car In The River
The Leftovers
The Forgotten Star

And many more, of course. But if there could only be one of mine, I would absolutely love to see The Time We Were. ♥

MELISSA L said...

My all time favorite

Thursday, August 27, 2009
The Glitter Phoenix Burns Again

Looking forward to your new projects :)

Unknown said...

I have been a fan for quite some time, your work makes me feel like a better person each day. Thank you for doing what you do. I would love to see: The glass attic of my mind,
The way home &
The universe will take you

Anonymous said...

The Autumn In Their Eyes + The Long Hard Road

Angela said...

Ohhh, this is so exciting!!

My entries are:
The Watching
The Fur
The Tears
The Priorities
The Free
The Craft
The Winter
The Balance
The Unexpected
The Stars
The Hard
The Tired Ramblings*
The Could *
The Place Before You Now *
The Distraction of Time
The Suit *
The Red *
A Day In The Life *
The Once, Twice*
The Foreign Holiday *
The Dead Sun Weeds
The Union of Steel and Space *
The Way It Rains Down Windows *
The Time It Rained Underwater
The Truth Will Be Turned Up *
The Wind Stops Screaming
The Middle Managers Will Be Forgotten *
The Metronome Tree *
The Ghost of Too Much *
The Occasional Silence *
The Glitter Phoenix Burns Again *
The AWOL Hearts
The Sayings Mean Nothing *
The Practical Guide to Consumables
The Day Time Waited For Me *
The Messenger Was Dead When I got Here *
The Limited Edition Of Everything *
The Molten Core *
The Tallness Of Things *

The ones with the asterisks are ones that I REALLY want in there. Thank you so much for doing this!

Dri Pepper said...

The Children Of Time. Please. Please. Please.


Dri Pepper said...
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Jou said...

I forget the title of this but it's my absolute favorite and it goes like this:
"I agreed to hate the people that hurt you, not the people who look like the people that hurt you."
Again, thanks for everything. And I can't wait for your ideas to come to life.

Ricardo Fernández S said...

My absolute favorite post ever, please include it! :D

"You should tell them the truth. Tell them that if they hold on too tightly, love might cut them. Tell them to hold on tightly anyway. Tell them everything is worth it and that the richness of life is only ever enhanced by its inevitable, brief flashes of sadness and loss."

Anonymous said...

The Building We Could Burn

The Bibliography of Strings

The Glass Tower

and my two all time favorites...

The Forgotten Star

The Tender Tinder Box.

klara said...

The Fur, The Child, The Unfolding. Certainly many other entries of which I don't remember the names... I'll search and let you now.

Anonymous said...

The Way Saturn Turns
The Skyscrapers Meet by the Side of the Road

Jia Lin said...

The Celestial Companion

Nadinax said...

All of these ideas are a m a z i n g !! Can't wait for them :)

Anonymous said...

Please, I would love to see words put to the end of a long love I lost.

Anonymous said...

The Devil quote: The "and this time I told you how I really felt... and as I went back to hell..."

Arundhati said...

Amazing blog! Your new follower here. :)


Anonymous said...

I try everthing to reach my goel, this is the only way for a writer to think

Cat said...

"The Day You Read This"*, "The Return to Green"*, "The Iris", "The Leftovers"*, "The Colours Run", "The Meaning of It", "The Message in the Electric Bottle"*, "The Wake Up Call", "The Angel of Almost"*, "The Mirror Hurts", "The Noon Agenda", "The Blind Corner Waits", "The Water Flows Uphill", "The Way Saturn Turns"*, "The Ghost Train", "The Water"*, "The Grim Alternatives", "The Beautiful Mess We Could Be"*, "The Walking Away", "The Stranger Died as I Walked Out the Door", "The End Bit is Animated", "The Forgotten Star", "The Cosmic Joke", "The Light from Frozen Graves"*, "The Cupboard is Empty"*, "The Beakers I'd Break"*, "The Handled with Care", "The Superhero Struggling Up Stairs", "The New Species", "The New Colour", "The Burial Chamber", "The Relative Phenomena", "The State of the Artist"

just to name a few. :p
absolute favorites are starred.

Anonymous said...

The wasted words
The plea
The chance for light
The peace and the star

please. <3


The Burning
The Series
The One And Nothing
The Reflection
The First Time We Met
The Future Of Text Books
The Long Time Coming
The Medicine Is The Sickness
The Translation Service
The Reminders In The Sky
The Nothing
The Correct And Proper Way To Feel
The Art of Feeling
The Rose Is Not Always A Rose
The Glass Attic Of My Mind
The Board And The Dice
The Fade To Nothing
The Bibliography Of Strings

Stellar work. Perpetually amazed.

Anonymous said...

The day you read this.
Still gets to my very core.
I have it printed out, hanging in my room.
However, I'd love a hardcopy. :)

Arlene said...

The Tracks Go On Forever and The Celestial Companion. Please.

Anonymous said...

the ticket is valid
the awol hearts
the peace and the star
the superhero struggling up stairs
the remaining mirrors
the hidden depths

AngelitaLB said...

The Bibliography of Strings
The Shape of It
The Pattern is a System is a Maze

Anonymous said...

"The Hardest You Could Be" will always be my favorite I think. I'd love to see it included.

The Way You Lie Here
The Birth Of Remembrance
The Plea
The Fur
The Mechanics Of Puppetry
The Safe Place
The Time Of Time (3/08)
The Intrusion
The Ornate Cage
The Only Part Of You I Love
The Now That Didn't Then
The Ghosts (Either entry with this title, there are two from 2007)
The World Leaning On Your Shoulder
The Storm Before The Calm
The Cosmic Joke
The Crowd (8/07)
The Wasted Words
The Seconds Can Be Days
The Haunting
The Strangers Were Lovers
The Way Glass Breaks
The Voice In The Machine
The Place I Found
The Distraction Of Time
The Hello (11/07)
The Next Stop
The Strangest Books

AngelitaLB said...

The drive before dawn
The wet hair and eyes
The excuse for your company

klara said...

So I've read through the whole blog (I had no idea there were so many entries I hadn't read !) and in addition to the three I said before, here are the ones I loved even more than the rest, in chronological order.

2007 : The Rope, The Balance, The Remembering, The Something, The Sleep, The Beside.

2008 : The Constant Apology, The Clarification, The First Act, The Peace And Riot, The Point Of Contact, The General Consensus, The Day You Read This, The Away Message, The Time We Were.

2009 : The Onion Of Us, The Blue Lines, The Best Way To Run Into Traffic, The Excuse For Your Company, The Beautiful Mess We Could Be, The Metronome Tree, The Way You Lie Here, The Circle, Triangle, Square, The Glitter Phoenix Burns Again, The Scratches That Made Me, The Missing Exclamation Marks, The Envy Of Wishes.

2010 : The Fury Of Water, The Humans Aren't Recyclable, The Place Where You Get Off, The Defenders Of The Forgotten, The Children Of Time, The Heart Is Red, The Medicine Is The Sickness, The Ratio Of Life To Living, The Saviour Got Lost In The Mirror, The Truth Is Born In Strange Places, The Nod And The Wink, The Monsters I Miss, The Angel Of Almost.

2011 : The Water Is On Fire, The Roar Of The World, The Sheer Lack Of Existence, The List Of Reasons, The World Woke Up, The Chemicals In Your Brain, The Arrivals Lounge, The Fact That I'm Just Not Perfect, The Chest Cavity, The Sky Is Made Of Wishes.

2012 : The Correct And Proper Way To Feel, The Morning Bell, The Waves Are Still Going To Make It To Shore, The Age At Which It Happens, The Remaining Mirrors.

And from the ones that are in the book but not here I love.

I know it's a lot but I thought it'd be useful so you can see which entries appear in many comments. I probably won't even buy the text-only so if you don't want to take this into account, don't (at least now I have my own personal list and the search bar is my friend :P).


Nicolas said...

If you release the Please Write Back, I'd definitely write back.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a difficult task! Just some of my favorites:

The Long Hard Road
The Thought Wall
The Moment My Skin Brushed Against Yours
The Name Of The Sickness
The Ground Will Give Way
The Fur
The Ghost Train
The Slow Hope
The Forgotten Star
The Way You Lie Here
The Meaning Of It
The Missing Machine
The Superhero Struggling Up Stairs
The Listening
The Commerce
The New Species
The Occasional Silence
The Room Is Nearly Empty
The Water Flows Uphill
The Twins
The Air I Saved For Later
The 5:45 Home
The Bully
The Joys Of Agoraphobia
The Closer
The End of The Tunnel
The Fade To Nothing
The End Bit is Animated
The Knot
The Meaning We Give To Words
The Saviour Got Lost In The Mirror
The Time
The Notch On A Belt
The Things I Meant
The Songs We Sing

Epsi said...

The Light From Frozen Graves
The Start Of The World Wide War
The War Against The Sea
The Chest Cavity
The Time Served
The Points Of Light
The List Of Reasons
The Stranger Died As I Walked Out The Door
The Truth Is Born In Strange Places
The World Is Better Backwards
The Air In My Lungs
The City Rises And Falls
The Upsidedownness Of Everything
The Fear Of Air

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please please please The Garbage I Became!!!!!

Changa said...

I have many, many favorites but I'll limit myself to just three.
"The Crowd Has Nothing To Envy"
"The Packaging of People"
"The Intrusion"

P.S. I'd write back. It would be my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I would be extremely grateful to see
The Correct And Proper Way To Feel
in the book ♥


Leezy said...

I hope you're ready for Please Write Back and the walls of text that I will inevitably write back when you release it.

Anonymous said...

today my friend brought her new edition of iwrotethisforyou into class, it was wrapped in her jumper for fear of damaging it and as i flicked through it i fell in love. the moment i read 'the leftovers' i started crying and i cannot express the amount that your words help
i will be preordering that text only edition as soon as you announce it!