Wednesday, April 2, 2014






Anonymous said...

hi Iain

他 = him

也許 = maybe / if

fyi, the additional 人 (found in 他) means human; thus 他•她•你 (him•her•you) is a representation of people as 人 can be found in each.

i love reading your words & having them translated to mandarin is a delight.

have a great weekend! : )

Jon said...


thanks for the comments.

by way of explanation, the translation to complex chinese was done by a Taiwanese publisher. they haven't (yet) provided us with an electronic copy of the translation. so... my wife and i did the input for these entries. quite a challenge!

it's possible that we've made mistakes, but i'd have to check in the hardcopy of the book to be sure!

j. (the photographer)

Jon said...

Ah, yes. Oops :) We'll fix it...

j. (the photographer)