Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Million Ways To Fail

Here's how you fail: You fail with your heart on your sleeve.

You fail like you mean it with every part of you.

You fail attempting the impossible and the ridiculous.

You fail in front of others and you fail and they laugh at you and you fail and you feel nothing and regret less.

You fail sincerely and earnestly and you risk everything at every opportunity.

This is how you fail: You fail beautifully. You fail with grace.


Vickky Mavs said...

chin up, eyes determined. :-)

Libby said...

Never give up! Never stop fighting! You'll win eventually in the end! ;) :)

Anonymous said...

I so much need those words. Thank you.

Alice Anner said...

Every day we watch news programs showing helpless victims of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, lost ways book and events that turn the world upside down for those involved.

Kenwood said...

In a split second a moose can bear down on you and mow you over without skipping a beat... or they can simply turn away and disappear in the woods. survival stories