Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Monsters Are My Friends

I want someone to lean across one day and say, don’t you hate it when everything’s really beautiful and it hurts at the same time, so I can say, yes, I hate it. Then me and them belong to a club, and we are never, ever alone again.

There are clubs, everywhere, that I don’t belong to.


Libby said...

Man, I can quite wholeheartedly agree with this one! Millions of clubs around you, to which none of them you belong! Except with those select, few people in the world who really are like you. Only they can possibly understand you! Although it sometimes may be hard to find them, those friends are such priceless treasures, that to me they are more valuable than anything else in the whole universe! <3

Anonymous said...

Why dont't you write something for me!? It's always YOU YOU YOU.

Kristen Laub said...

I remember you. I am sorry that they made me forget. I don't know what to do. Everything is backwards from why I thought it was, like I've been ripped inside out.
But I still remember the way that your blood looked and the way you protected me from mine. Even in my rage, even in my absolute panic, even when I believed them at the end and fell back into everything wrong, you held me.
Kindness was not what I needed. I needed someone to see what made me close up. I needed to see my pain in someone else.
How many lives have you and I each lived? How long will we have to be apart?
How does it work when loving you showed me how to love everyone