Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Way I Know You

Let me know you but only ever at a distance.
Let me know you before you're human and you're flawed and you're all the things you really are.
Let me know you easily, without any real effort.
Let me know you before cities are built in our hearts.
Let me know you but only enough to love you.
Or let me know you after all the hard work is done.


Darling said...

This is amazing and heartwarming, thank you.

aluvlylibra said...

This is deeply tragic. Finding the present imperfect is real love. Our technophile world is replacing reality with this weird half life thing where this sentiment is what we all want.

I want messy and frustrating and funny and awkward and so honest you know it like you know the back your own hand.

klara said...

I want to. :) So fitting for me right now, Iain you're amazing. I hope this will happen.