Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Dark Cloud Of Hate

You will say that the time for anger is now, that we have not been angry enough, that not being angry enough is the problem, and I understand that you have every right to be angry and I am angry for you.

And yet somehow, you and I must turn the anger into love. We must turn the black cloud of hate into light. We must turn war into peace. We must turn clenched fists into open hands.

We must only perform miracles.


Anonymous said...

Every day I live is a battle. Every breath is a challenge. Sometimes I hold my breath so that in the space between holding and needing another breath I can have some peace. Where I'm not fighting, not struggling, just being.

I silently pray for death, deep sleep, comes and blissful ignorance so in the spaces in between I can just be.

Unknown said...

I know exactly how it is that you feel. They may think being in med you're never expected to feel the same. But none of it helps. Not at all. It's such a struggle to keep going. Everyday. Every second. The agonizing aching pain to be alive. You're happy but you're not.

Anonymous said...

The thing about miracles is you cant will them, they are created in and of themselves

Anonymous said...

I know.
And we already managed to do that.
And we will manage to do that.
Again and again if necessary.