Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Best Of Us

I whisper because some part of me wants you to whisper too.

Because I want you to tell me secrets.

Because our secrets are still the best parts of us.


Anonymous said...

Spill it

Anonymous said...

I promise you to be by your side for This lifetime and the coming.
I love you and will always do.
Your soulmate.

Anonymous said...

I not only want to feel you spirituality but I want to hear your mouth speak these words. I want to hear you tell me I'm beautiful and I want to hear you say all of this is true. Love me, Lord knows I need you. I'm better with you. You showed me what love was in a different way. You're special to me and you should always love me. In flesh and soul. Be strong. I love you sweet man.

-your soulmate