Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Start Of Stupid Stories

I believe that if you’re good, more good things happen to you.

I believe it rains to let you know you’re lucky.

I believe that you only get old if you let yourself.

I believe in trying your best and forgetting who you are as often as possible.

I believe that there’s a way to love someone like we thought we could love when we were young.

I believe there’s a way to love like a story book.

I believe in stupid things.


sameena subhani said...

Lovely! I believe in all this too.

I knew Alice said...

Me too...

I knew Alice said...

Me too..

Anonymous said...

I want to believe what once I believed

Tim said...

This is awesome. I believe :)

C. said...

Your blog is fascinating. You're fascinating.

C. said...

Your blog is fascinating, you're fascinating.

invidious vagabond said...

... and I believe love heals, how unrealistic have I been.

Anonymous said...

No, you believe in beautiful things and you know that.
Stop lying.
Stop lying to yourself and stop lying to me,
when you write about the things you believe in.
Remember you wrote this for me,
but I know you wrote this also for yourself.
And that´s a good thing.
Because you needed that.
Because you where afraid to tell me everything.
You where afraid to tell me the truth face to face.
And sometimes you where afraid to admit it for yourself.
But you shouldn´t ever be afraid of the truth.
Remember that thruth shall set you free - us free.
Because there is nothing to be afraid of if you walk in the light.
It´might be rough and a bit scary but it will be an enjoyable walk.
I promise.
You know just as well as me that all you need to do is take that first step,
and sooner or later you´ll find your way.
And remember that you never walk alone.
Even when you think you´re walking alone.
And deep down inside of you, hidden in a secret chamber,
a chamber you keep only for yourself, or sometimes even hide from yourself.
Deep down there - you also know this.
So embrace it and all will be fine.

// LMP

Bea said...

I've stopped believing in things. I've only gotten hurt that way.