Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Words You Could Say

If you can do nothing else, tell the truth.

Say, “I don’t know who I was before now, and I don’t know who I’ll be tomorrow.”

Say, "There are things about me you'll never fix, and it's not your job to fix me."

Say, "I feel things I don't know how to feel."

Say, "We can be anything but we can't be everything."

Say, “I can do nothing else, this is me and this is all there is.”

If anyone stays with you

after you’ve told them that

stay with them

as long as they’ll have you.


Anonymous said...

Is humanity capable of hearing the truth?

Can they handle who I really am?

Will anyone stay if I tell the truth?

I sure hope so...

Anonymous said...

Dear You,

I hope you find someone that stick with you after you say those brave words. Because "this is all there is" is still unwrapping. More is coming. Meanwhile, i do hope you enjoy your ride.

Sucharita said...

I am going to remember this for the rest of my life :)

Anonymous said...

This is cute :)

MysteriousMan said...

I just want say Thank you