Monday, April 10, 2017

The Good Poem For Burning

First, you let them tear you up, until they can’t read the words on what’s left of you.

Whatever you do, don’t let them cry, they’ll just make the ink run.

Then, crumple yourself up and light the match for them.

Then become smoke and ash, and fly far away from here.


Anonymous said...

I have alot to say n feel.
Somehow i feel i am lost in ashes.

Anonymous said...

I miss u.

Anonymous said...

Lets be friends again.
Sorry for my childishness.
Show sign. Otherwise i will be lost forever.
Maybe it is my last message alive.

The Fresh Prints said...

Hey b0p

The Fresh Prints said...

I preferred "that which misses who". I simply could not place without holding palaces but had to lose MY pedistal

The Fresh Prints said...

Then I unwrinkled the wrinkle in my time to make my last hinge (:) if and only ifs, fam.

Địa ngục của tôi said...

we both fly away from this earth. When I have that bravery to say "Im not afraid anymore".
You know I've never been so close to any man, but I want to be with you deadly.
the only thing Im afraid of, is that you will forever turn to inlusion.