Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Place Fear Grows

I’m afraid of you.

I’m afraid that if I love you, you’ll become a memory.

I’m afraid that you’ll become something that haunts me, and that I’ll become something that haunts you.

I don’t want to be the one that digs into you late at night.

And I don’t think you want to be the one that holds my breath for me, when I least expect it.

The only thing I’m more afraid of, is not loving you when I have the chance to.

Of not finding you every morning. 

And what if all love is an act of bravery?

Could you look at me and say, “I am not afraid”?


Brittany said...

Yes.. that feeling where you're afraid but dont want to let it slip away at the same time.
Worth the investment of the heart though, always.

Love, xx


Anonymous said...

I miss you so much but I'm afraid to tell you in fear of being rejected.

John Ahmer said...

Oh too much emotions. i felt it

Debby Curreen said...

This is really good.
I especially like the last line, Could you look at me and say, “I’m am not afraid”?

Thats all we want, a brave love.

MissRose said...

Thank you for voicing the things that are hard to grasp.

Anonymous said...

Fear no fear... life is all about overcoming our fear , when we do that. We make our own destiny!!
Love has a fears.

Anonymous said...

You have a typographical error.. it should either be "I am not afraid," or "I'm not afraid."

Anonymous said...

But things aren't this simple. And we're both in love but it still doesn't work. Whether it be due to obligations or self nature. It's inevitable. So wretched is this human life. What use is a lost soul here?

Anonymous said...

Your words gave me great pain acknowledge them. Pain that I feel every day for years now, pain that I am afraid to let go thinking that all beautiful unfelted before in my life feelings will disappear with it.
Drifting soul to what it might have been, I will never know...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes pain isn't as bad as people makes it seem. I'd like to think if we can cope even after so long, then maybe this dull dreary path is suited for us. Hope- such a miserable thing.

AV..Maybe2morrowStillHppy said...

Feels like hiding and grasping excuses, to cope with possibly a now noticeable mistake. Imagine how early you May have found out answers you've been looking for. Instead continuing consumption of regret. Take your next step with courage and happiness. Never fear. Honey fear us the rejection.

Me said...
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