Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Questions That Make You Feel Weak

I want to know if you know who you are.

I want to know if you know you’re pretending to be who you are.

I want to know where you buried your heart and if it was easy.

But asking questions makes me feel weak, and the only way I get to be strong right now, is to not say anything at all.

I want you to give me a reason for all this that makes sense.


Unknown said...

Last Friday, my date didn't turn up. So I was left alone and as I was browsing at the book store, I stumbled upon your books.
You are right, you find the most beautiful things when you are alone.

Unknown said...

Dear You,
If i knew a word in the English language just one or a sentence that makes any of this make sense id scream it so loud so youd hear. Hence why i have volumes you will look to find, but you will find your hands empty bc they are buried in my heart. And if you must know i buried my heart inside of yours lifetimes ago, there is no other explanation for how i feel other than silence .... in awe. At the time youve spent for reqsons i have yet to know. I know who i am that doesnt scare me i know who i pretend to be for certain people i dont believe everyone deserves to know. How can we bothforget others so eadily yet chase eachothers tails. its why we are both so strong and thats what makes this a real feeling. It will be the beginning of our 5th year together. Silent through the 4th so far, you hold in ur hands, the power to chamge it - in your heart the door is open as i close it walking in, closing the door behind me - HOME. Remember Lenny Cohens Nevermind... a husband leads, a wife commands.

The Fresh Prints said...

Are only shoes. Stand up or sit down just don't ever stretch out AND stand tall if you must. Pride of Bulls eats their bullshit eventually. One way ore e e e e e e e e e (

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was easy, but it may have been irreversible. God knows I failed, but He knows that I tried.

Anonymous said...

and to answer:
i know exactly who i am
i know that ive pretended to be both who i am and who im not
i cant say exactly where, but i can tell you it was the hardest thing ive ever done. maybe i should go retrieve it.
so dont ask questions. just be still, listen, and everything will spill out eventually.
reasons never make sense, you know that.
we can just make them up as we go along.