Monday, April 20, 2009

The Blooming Night

Late at night, here is somewhere else. And I wish you were more than my emergency contact number for a broken heart.


Anonymous said...

I wish too.

Anonymous said...

Though lovers be lost love shall not



Anonymous said...

This made me cry. I wish the same thing...I bet he does too...

Thanks, Iain, now I have to re-apply my makeup. Mascara doesn't look very good when it's smeared.

Jessica said...

This... sums me up perfectly.
I think I'll cry.

Anonymous said...

but maybe we're better off as friends. at least i know for sure we'd last longer.

and you have her, now.

GeorgeDubya said...

A little change and you have me perfectly.

Late at night, here is somewhere else. And I wish I was more than your emergency contact number for a broken heart.


I wish that too.

fiq said...

i totally agree with GeorgeDubya. that sums my experience really well.

and though i often wish for so much more, i don't mind just being your emergency call number. it hurts. but i want you to know i will be there for you in times like that. always.

Anonymous said...

"late at night, here is somewhere else."

i have been trying to think about what this means, and i feel like it can mean a few different things.

here and somewhere else are two different places.
so he could be saying that at night, when he thinks about things, he imagines them in a way that isn't how they are during the day.
like how he wishes his friend was more than what she is.

or, in my mind, i think about this statement in another way too.
like how people always say, "i wish i was somewhere else right now".
i think he is saying that where he is right now is the exact spot where the person complaining about where they are should be.

either way, it's beautiful.

Karyn RR West 1 said...

Sad world.

Anonymous said...

Do not feel lonely.
The entire uni-verse is inside you. ~Rumi

I am right by your side.
Touching you. Touching me ;)

Anonymous said...

you once told me you were broken. so am i. maybe we aren't the ones for each other but we need each other to heal over the hurt of the ones that left us in the past. you drive me insane and i have days i wish i had just ran for hills when i met you. but i love everything about you and i don't know what i would do without you.

MKMoondust said...

Its not so much that im the emergancy contact, I'm merely the distraction from the pain... I'm the medication that makes you drowsy enough to forget about it all for a while.