Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Doppler Effect

While you weren't listening, all our love songs became sad songs.


Ivan Ayliffe said...

This is why it's never a good idea to share your favourite bands with your girl/boy friend.

Melissa said...

God, Iain.

Why must you always be so spot on?


Anonymous said...

ow. this was... really... it hits the mark. bull's eye.

E. said...

They were my favourite songs and now I can't listen to them anymore.

tiny dancer said...

Today is my ex boyfriend's birthday.
Last year I threw him a surprise party.
This year, we won't speak, because he will be celebrating with his new girlfriend,
who was my dear friend before my ex cheated on me with her.
It's been 10 months,
I have a nice boyfriend who is brilliant and charming and adorable,
and I don't miss that other boy,
but I feel like will never shake the regret I feel when I think about him.

Anna said...

this is so true. i feel as if so many of my favorite songs have become heartbreaking to listen to.

sarah said...

habit47, good advice! i need to stop doing that. now i can't listen to bands or songs because of the feelings they bring up from association with the boys I have shared them with.

Chop Logik said...

I don't agree with that advice, not sharing your favourite bands. Don't limit the parts of you that you share with your partner just because you want to keep them safe when you break up! It makes breaking up seem like a forgone conclusion. Share it all. Worst comes to worst, find something new that'll become your favourite.

And if you're going to protect things important to you, then you better not give your heart over to anyone, either.

Joshwa said...


exactly how i feel today

Anonymous said...

that kinda hurt me.
it's a beautiful pain.

Anonymous said...

He taught me everything I know.
I can't divide what parts of me are made up of him.

Anonymous said...

they may become sad songs to the one who had thier heart broken but the one who moves on still loves those songs no matter what.

Anonymous said...

And if you're going to protect things important to you, then you better not give your heart over to anyone, either.

You are so right, Chop Logik

Anonymous said...

@Tiny Dancer... wow.

Same here, ex-gf/birthday/everything - spot on. The pain of regret seems to just hang there in front of me.

The Boy Named Crow said...

its is my pain and my joy

lemonswithsalt said...

I ran into the song "Silently" by Maxwell and it was the most painful non-physical pain I had ever felt; I just had to turn it off. I had an HD memory of us being happy and when I returned to the present, the truth dawned in that it was just a flashback.

But then I realized I really liked that song. I still do like it. And why the hell shouldn't I be able to enjoy it? I turned it off because I didn't want to cause myself unnecessary pain which means at least I still care about myself but I wanted that song. It's so beautiful.

So I am making a new memory with it. I took out my guitar from the basement and decided to learn that song. Now, when I hear it, it won't be of the great times that no longer exist; it'll be of the first song I learned to play on my acoustic.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a quote to sum up how I feel today. I know I can rely on you to deliver.

I'm listening to a happy love song but it just sounds so sad. The thing is, I never got him to listen to this because he was never part of my life anyway.