Monday, August 2, 2010

The Stars In The Architecture

But if you turn me and my pillow into a punching bag, we'll never let you sleep again.


Anonymous said...

someone please explain this

singitwithme said...

Forever your adoring pillow... happily existing to provide the time-tested comfort a brilliant genius deserves. ♥

cynical bones said...

i hope i meant more than scars on knuckles to you.

rivercat said...

anon- i think you supposed to just think what it means to you like:

together the lovers will take on challenges and be victorious over them because the foundation of their relationship is so strong
almost, or in fact, magically so.

Anonymous said...

restless? don't care. welcome to my world.

Anonymous said...

designed solely for your pleasure.
designed solely for your visual pleasure.
design soley for your pleasure of sound effects.
designed solely for your pleasure as per your heresay.
you're now becoming a construction of your own pleasure.
stolen sanctuary.

Anonymous said...

I realize
the times when I feel beaten up the most
by you
the times when I am so exhausted
I can’t even sleep
are the times
I have doubted you the most
have doubted the outcome of this
the most
I realize
the most important thing I can do
is hope
is hold faith
not in the belief for the perfect ending society has colored
but in the knowledge that both you and I will treat each other
with dignity,
with respect
because that is what this thing between us deserves, demands

but, honestly,
who am I kidding
you and I both know
I won’t be satisfied
unless the perfect ending
is you
holding me
in bed
after a week
of nothing
but making love


Anonymous said...

S&M, whips and black leather... stilletos at the midnight hour! Let me sleep again (avec toi).

Miss Philosophy said...

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.-Fran Lebowitz (1950 - )

Anonymous said...

To the anon who asked for an explanation:

My interpretation was, "If you take this out on me, I'll never forgive you." Basically, if you hurt me after all that I've done for you, I'll never let you rest again. I won't let you forget what you did to me.