Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Voice In The Machine

Thank you for calling/standing near me/being concerned. But I am not here right now. I am somewhere else. And you cannot reach me. Please leave me at the sound of the beep.


Cocreatr said...

Thank you. Beep.

Anonymous said...

Wherever you are, I believe in you.
-A nightly wanderer

Anonymous said...

just calling to see if you miss me as much as i miss you.

Apple N. said...

I'll leave. But please call me when you're ready.

Amkur said...

so interesting.sometimes i too have to write a telegram.

fewest words
the most said
the 10 word limit
the beauty in it
nothing left unsaid
you love harder

Anonymous said...

How can I miss you, when I never had you?
But I do.

Anonymous said...

That one night
sitting next to you
with shadows trapped up in your eyes
my dark angel
where were you?
were you being broken by her
all over again?
You were next to me
and so many miles away,
your heart being held
in her careless hands
and on your breath was melancholy

The only sun that night was –
Cimmerian illuminations
The only wings that night were –
bionic hearts finessing the crypts
The only truth that night was –
walking an intimate midnight

You wear those shadows as if they were protection
A martyr of heroic proportions

I waited for you
My heart on hold
Hooked on penumbral clouds & enigmatic seconds
Waited for the shadows to pass from your eyes
Waited to hear
(skip a beat)
“Make love to me”
And that was all I needed
to fall into your arms
to hold your head in my hands
to brush away her imposing twilight
with secret intimations
using love - insider trading – faces hands all a blur – tones – affections -
as instruments to pull apart
these machines you made
to keep us out

You should know by now
I will always see through
Because you built me into
these workings
of yours


Anonymous said...

One day, I'll stop calling. I'll stop caring. And you'll wonder what happened.
So. Go beep yourself.

Anonymous said...

That's what pathological liar will do. Too coward to face the truth

cynical bones said...

i didn't stop calling because i stopped caring, i stop calling because i hate your voice when you talk to me.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have come up with this years ago. It would have saved many people, especially me, a lot of heartache.


singitwithme said...

The temptation is too great not want to believe in someone, something greater on some great future day. The messages must mean something tangible to us both to some extent. Otherwise we wouldn't still be sending them. Beep.

Hi, it's me again. I forgot to say how much I miss you. I miss you. Give me a call when you are feeling better, love Beep.

Anonymous said...

I still call you because I think I love you. I think I love you because you are who you are. You don't love me, I already know this.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I didn't say all the things I really wanted to say to you.
How irritating that would have been for you.
Why didn't you just hang up on me?

Anonymous said...

my heart has sound like a dialtone for a year now.
it would be so much easier to set down the receiver if I didn't keep hearing you like a ghost on the line.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I could never say to you what I really meant. I'm sorry I always had to be wasted to lose my fears of reaching out to you.
I'm sorry I didn't give you enough of the real me; and now you don't want it.
I'm sorry I let go when I really wanted to hold on; and now you insist I should.

Anonymous said...

Of course I love you, and you know this. Don't be silly. But you have never called and all the while I have been a fool in love, destroying the very foundation of all that I should treasure and appreciate each day. Clawing, clamoring for more out of life that is love, that is intense and that is primal and sincere.

I know the real you at your core... more so than you may realize. And I wouldn't want to change a thing other than to simply say: Enough! Trust me from this day forward. I'm listening. Tell me what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

I won't keep talking to strangers, is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I stared at the phone for awhile, and I don't have anything to say to you, so I decided to say this.

Unknown said...

You have one new voice message. It told me to set this post as my new voice mail. And for every other anonymous commenter to not be afraid to leave a message, cause I might actually listen to it

Anonymous said...

I know it's for the best this way, specially as U feel the way you do. But I'm missing U sooo much XxX

Anonymous said...

Aww we never did the phone calls thing! :(

'Please leave me at the sound of the' Meep.

I'm trying hard! Thinking of you. Hope you are OK & have a happy weekend xx

Miss Philosophy said...

The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate. - Joseph Priestley

Anonymous said...

there is so much more of me i wish to share with you, and so much more of you i wish to know. please don't go, this is only just the beginning.

MKMoondust said...

I am a nobody. I am nothing. I love but you dont care. I am off to hide from everyone And everything forever. thanks for pretending to care. Beep.

Unknown said...

I know your right next to and we're touching but I cannot see you and I cannot feel you and even though were together there is glass between us and what you feel is me is not really me. What you see ad me is not really me.and i might as well be a million miles away. And you might as well leave a message because try as you might you cannot break through the glass....
Believe me I have tried.