Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Clearly Labelled

I think you'll find you're mistaken. My name is clearly written across the front and I recognise the scratch down the side (that happened in high school). This is my heart. You can't just come here, and take it.


ciarline said...

thisss. :( <3

Anonymous said...


N.Ali said...


Who I am is completely clear to you
Nothing is hidden..
Yet who you are
Is carefully disguised
Cloaked in phrases & photo's
Fragments of jigsaw
That don't fit
Until the angles change
I have to re-arrange the information..
To get a clear picture of you~

N.Ali 9am Thurs.7th October.

Anon. said...

I LOVE it.


Anonymous said...

and before I give it to you, in exchange for yours, you must also promise not to get jealous of that scratch and make another one because of it.

it happens all too easily...

Alyaa said...

This made me feel stronger. This is really sending a message :))

LOVE IT. Love you.


Whatever said...

It has your name on it cause I wrote it there before time began. Before you had a nameI had a plan for your Love.

Brittany said...

I made this. :)
thanks for the inspiration.

Me said...

It's a pleasure, that's beautiful :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

Sometimes, even when you tell them not to take it, they sneak away with your heart after all.

Then, you don't realize that they have it until it's too late to get it back, because it can't beat without them.

S said...

this is my heart, where i carved my name in after losing it once already. this is my heart, and that's the scratch from when i sewed it together after it broke; i'd recognize that scar anywhere.

this is not your heart, and it's not up for the taking. it's flawed, but it's not free. this is not your heart, the only way you can get it is if you trade it for your own. and i know yours is flawed too, but it's the price i demand in return for mine.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I don't mean to seem greedy. It's just that I feel as if I have known you and loved you since long before I was even born. It feels beautiful; natutal. Right. And so I want to know more. I'm dying to hear about the Universe's plan.

Unknown said...

That was wonderful! You always find the perfect way of saying these things. And i LOVED the heart pic too! Great job, both of you!

GeorgeDubya said...

That is what I said long ago. . . Unfortunately, I was told that possession is 9/10 of the law.

Anonymous said...

my heart stays with me, thank you.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a song by barcelona called the has a line that goes like
"but I'll leave you with an empty room, honey that's what takers do, I'm a thief and I'll take you"

Even though my heart is mine, I would gladly give it to you.

some girl said...

I won't trade you. You can have my heart. We both know it was never really mine in the first place, but always yours.
However, I do need something from you to fill this vacuum inside my chest. Your hand, your voice, your care, your smile... which ever you think would fit the best.

Sara said...

I can't wait for you to get Flattr, I will clickety click everything! :D ♥

Anonymous said...

I am
Breaking this silence

My heart
shielded from the darkest days
because of
your love
a perfect refuge

I know the risk is there
The moment love begins
you open yourself up
to a universe of possibilities
limitless beauty, limitless pain
But know this, my love –
this is how you open up
and I will open my heart to you, first
to show you
this is how you love
I will love you,
openly, unabashedly, honestly, sincerely
all of my flaws, all of my beauty
laid here in your arms
completely naked in front of you
before you unclothe yourself for me
to show you
this is how you open up
this is how you love
this is how you fall
you fall into me
and my arms –
these arms –
these arms are a l w a y s open to you
these hands are always holding you
the way you once held me, because

this is how you open me up
this is how you teach my heart to love

You have willed me from the grave
the truth is
what you long to manifest
what I have longed to manifest
and now it’s here

two hearts of one truth
beat the same rhythm
across the universe
Hear my heart tonight
Through years of stars
Until the beatbeatbeat
is next to you
inside your perfect fall sunrise

Break your silence for me


E said...

You are right. My heart is flawed. It's cracked, it bleeds all over the floor. It cries rather noisily at night when it thinks no one is paying attention. It leaves little notes to invisible men laying on the floor. It loves, but it holds back.
My heart is flawed; but even worse, it's scared.

Scared that what I feel isn't real. Scared that what I think I see isn't meant for me. Scared that what I believe in is just a dream. Scared that I will never feel it again.

Scared that if I don't take a flying leap off of this cliff that I won't just be losing my heart, but losing the last chance to feel you inside my heart.

So go. Go to the ends of the earth. Wander the dark and the deserts. Lose yourself in the crowds, wear another's face, call yourself by any other name.
I will come after my heart, I will take it back. And I will cauterize it with my love for you.


King Arthur: Look, you stupid Bastard. You've got no arms left.

Black Knight: Yes I have.

King Arthur: *Look*!

Black Knight: It's just a flesh wound.

She said...

"and before I give it to you, in exchange for yours, you must also promise not to get jealous of that scratch and make another one because of it.

it happens all too easily... "

oh god Anonymous, that hurt... cz thats so true....

*sad smile*

Anonymous said...

take it or leave it. you made yourself miserable and you made me miserable. Love, piggy :-(

Anonymous said...

But I love you...I took/takes whatever you could give me, whatever it is...

Anonymous said...

if you are scared and you think is fair to give scary feelings back .. you get nothing.

patience and faith are a good remedy for it

not easy, but .. quality things are always hard to achieve isn't it?


Anonymous said...

wondering how itd feel when I fall into your arms.......Id finally be home when that happens...I miss you...I MISS YOU.

Anonymous said...

My dogged determination to authenticate the unity that constitutes us… this journey has become the delight of my very existence. However, I cannot help but ask one childlike question. Are we there yet? Because the waiting is the hardest part, Love. Meanwhile, I selfishly bide my time imagining myself in your arms, my lips against yours.

Anonymous said...

Bittersweet journey...yes we are there we are united in our imaginary world, I feel our lips locked together and our soul united as one in two bodies. I am the happiest W. (not G.) on this planet :-) I cant wait for this to happen for real...Honey, please dont make me wait for too long..its hard to breathe sometimes and i feel like i am running out of my breath...dying for you, Love.

Anonymous said...

my pillow is currently my best friend. he has seen me at my worst, and recently has cushioned more tears than ever before. i can literally feel my heart being scratched up and torn apart. what was once so real and so filled with passion and merriment is now falling farther and farther out of my grasp. although you are not yet gone, i know that it is only a matter of time, dear. until you can prove to me that i'm not just fantasizing about some foolish and trivial heartbreak, my heart will remain hollow. and i will try to remain strong.

m uh e said...

My mind keeps throwing this idea at me:
that you are here (for me, with me).

I keep holding back, oh so many reasons. The foremost being that I am just one of many who think you are here for them. I don't even know how I started thinking this way, to tell you the truth.
Seriously, I don't even know who you are. Did I ever? How did I get here? How did you?

I don't want to give me words to anyone else. The words themselves refuse to be conned into the light unless they know they have path straight to you.
But I cannot ceaselessly construct those castles in the sky like so much abandoned real estate.

I have other words, other things... but they seem to just want to show off for you too.

I know this sounds so much like I can't make it without you. I can, you know. I have been.
I just wish it could be with you, splendid and wild and weird and oh so wonderful.

PS! I have one more lifeline to throw out there, just in case.
Beware if you have been given the little birdie as proof of my existence. I made a mistake and shared that with some other random here who had given out an address looking for R2D2.
PPS. I'm a fool. This is a symptom completely independent of you :D

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, I am here for you..only for you..on one else. Just trust your instincts. I trust mine too. Pillow is my best friend too. She is my wintness for know what I am talking abt..I love you and I miss you...

Anonymous said...

I love the way you complicate me. I've trusted my instincts to love you from the start. I miss you too and rest assured I am thinking of you; should you ever doubt. I wish we could share a pillow - you confuse me at times but make me happy all the same. I think about that advice a lot. You know - the one about calling the people you love. I wish I had the number. ;-D

ronnie said...

love it!

K said...

Yes I can. You gave it to me. Here, take mine.

sweet princess said...

love me, love my scars...

MKMoondust said...

But who's to say we dont share the same? I remember distinctly that this is much like mine...