Monday, December 6, 2010

The Place Where Nothing Hurts

There is no music, just the sound of the wind and the leaves it touches. But hopefully that'll be music enough, for you.


E. said...

I want to be in that place where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.I just don't know where it is. Or if it even exists.

Emm said...

Those venomous fumes like ghosts imitating angels
Came and brushed death thru her hair with loving strokes
Telling her pretty lies and flowery stories of a
Place where nothing hurts and no one knows

Whatever said...

I think I could still dance to that tune if only they would stay quiet enough so I can catch it.

Brittany said...

Sometimes when you find this place, you forget how to get back to it.

Dreamer said...

A place I find often in my dreams

MINZXC . said...

Enough for me as long i'm with you ;)

Anonymous said...

How do I make the music stay when the silence is so loud?

OoopsIDidItAgn said...

This place doesn't exist. Sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for music anymore. When I am with you all I hear are love songs: the sweet sound of your breath mixed in with the flutter of our heartbeats.

MEIA said...

maybe that's what awaits us in the next life. no stress, no jealousy, no sins, just being

Hopeless Romantic said...

In life, sometimes its the simplest things that are the most beautiful.

you said...

ah yes... the place where you take time out from the here and now to be truly in the here and now... to think about where you've come from and where you're going.

wing said...

and this is the tune i sing my heart just for you.

Jade said...

And as we walk hand in hand you and I, we hear the music of the wind and leaves, and our hearts join in and our souls will sing in harmony.

For we have found each other, and as we slowly ease back the layers of pain left by others, we will dance to the sweet sounds of healing.

And we are one song closer to what we both desire.

Aernout said...

I've been searching for that place, and have even - in flashes of seconds - entered it. To realise that it is, after all, the pain that makes me feel alive; as much as the joy and pleasure do.
I dislike the hurt with a vengeance when it tramples down my door.
But, sure, I wouldn't want to live without it.
maybe a little less would be nice!

Hope said...

I want to be there...

Hope said...

I want to be there...

Anonymous said...

Silence is the only place I find peace and that is enough for me. The wind serenades me with the most beautiful songs. It is there I hear you. Listen to it closely and you will hear my whispers. Love Me.

Anonymous said...

The truth is the sound of your voice is my favorite music. And the waiting is the hardest part.

Unknown said...

This is so lovely indeed. So calming and relieving.... *SIGH*

someone said...


someone said...


NeverHateAgain said...

"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be". I will come back for you, I will knock your name at four ones, and I will love you better than ever before...

Anonymous said...

I am beautiful and every thing hurts except when you touch me. Please take my pain away.

Anu said...

I need to find a place in which that is the only music I hear.

Undeserving Grace said...

Such a neat place to spend some time! Stopping by from I'd love to have you over for a visit...have a great week! {Tara}

Anonymous said...

Nothing hurts anymore.

Anonymous said...

Pls don't post ;)

I don't ask for much and as you know I don't really 'need' much. These last few years have been somewhat 'challenging' and I continue to learn wonderful and real things, amazing breathtaking beautiful things, every precious moment that goes by. I agree I'm 'fairly' stubborn and things take a little longer for me (but I'm trusting the right things will happen at the right time. I have to). I promise to be a good girl or at least try (cough). 

The Wish List*
(Dear Santa, for you and you alone)

I wish for... you. I wish for... me. I wish for... we. 

I wish for... just a moment of your time;

I wish for... long walks on a stranded beach, crashing waves, seagulls, sun kissed skin, pina colada's and sultry salty air;

I wish for... night swimming;

I wish for... moonlight slow dancing, somewhere quiet, swaying in sync to the sound of frogs and crickets;

I wish for... harmonious howling at the moon;

I wish for... hugs that don't end;

I wish for... slow walks in forests, fast walks in busy streets;

I wish for... exploring places never explored before;

I wish for... winding and unwinding back tickles. Deep warm moving massages;

I wish for... laughing in the rain, snow angels in the snow & steamy hot shared showers afterwards;

I wish for... bedtime stories in front of a crackling fireplace;

I wish for... midnight milkshakes & drive through drive-in's after crazy adventures;

I wish for... driving around without a map. Lost and liking it;

I wish for... quiet times, reading books under blankets, holding, teatime treats & touching toes;

I wish for... continuous kissing till lips turn blue;

I wish for... holding hands in public, sweaty palms united; 

I wish for... lying on hot steamy bricks after cool dips in the pool, an endless summer;

I wish for... dress ups, hat parties and decadent dining, lots of entertaining of loved ones;

I wish for... bare feet, bonfires, bikinis and sometimes a dress and stiletto's;

I wish for... sunsets, sunrises and star gazing (I wish upon a star: twinkle twinkle);

I wish for... long lasting love magic making, anywhere and anytime; 

I wish for... long talks, even if it's about sweet nothings, a call, a personalised letter, a text chat (but I understand, trying to/ well kind of);

I wish for... trust, motivation, I've got your back and vice versa, a deeper meaning, a mutual love language, cryptic clues, puzzling puzzles, I am learning and bare with me knowledge. Sharing. Caring. Time. Patience. An abundance of wealth in unconditional love... (sorry I'm not a writer, but I am a lover) <3

I could wish for so many beautiful moments but none would be the same without you. 

I simply wish for YOU my LOVE*
I wish wishes come true xxx

Stay beautiful beautiful, stay safe and have some time off for you. Tomorrow is a new day with fresh new beginnings. I look forward to a new year with new beginnings too. Thank you for all you do, all you are. Thinking of you. Always xxx I love you*

Anonymous said...

Lain, right now perhaps that is the only place I am looking for. The place where nothing hurts anymore.