Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Days Before Childhood

Before now, before you're here, we're getting the world ready. We've softened all the corners. We've taken all the chemicals out of everything we've ever made and used them to make fireworks to mark your arrival. We've invented leaves that fall 20% slower and are 100% more fun to fall into. We made new colours. We made snow. We made summer holidays. We've even created something called a "puppy" and a "kitten" and you may choose which one you prefer when you get here. Which is where we are now. Before you are born.


Iris said...

And this world is more beautiful now than it was before the idea of my being born, existed.

Anonymous said...

When I'm with you it seems that the smells of summer are blunted &the leaves fall only to wrap itself awkwardly in my hair and the snow just to make me cold and the rain to soak me to my skin.
When I'm alone the seasons becon calling to me to lie in long grass write poetry, freshly fallen winter snows beg me to write your name enclosed in a heart, rainy days entice me to look for the shelter in the crook of your arm and the leaves fall like confetti like the trees want to celebrate what we have.
Yet you hold off letting go will not even whisper closure into the air in the off chance it may find me. You hold it because you think its the only part of you I still want. To lose it would leave you finally and completely alone my complacency a dagger in your heart. You keep it because you think its my kryptonite. So you hold on to your uranium slowly poisoning yourself and the next unfortunate soul who thought they could be your hero.

JD Edwards User Lists said...

This is a time to remember beautiful moments.

Mystical said...

The world is prepared for me, but I liked it better back then when there was the beauty of struggling for everything that we wanted.

Jou said...

If only war had not stolen my childhood.

Don't forget to cut off my head when I've pulled out the sword said...

When we are here, together, I swear I see God's face.
When I'm alone, your voice and his sound much the same.

We all three give very good advice. Which I fear beyond reason to take.
So I find myself born again.

I am my own poison, as you alone are yours.
I know better than to think otherwise.
I certainly don't know anything else.

Roshni said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for softening the corners, they can really hurt sometimes. I'm sure the kittens and puppies will be wonderful too. But why were there chemicals in all your things? Also, I heard that you have created love in your world. Will you all teach us how to hold nothing but love for each other all the time?

Anonymous said...

You wright awesome

vrbl said...

i am left in utter tears at th reading. i would so whisper should i think you would hear and respond.
i have whspered the soul to your hearts core
awaiting destiny's calling once more
lost to dancing in moments we shall share
all summer's breeze is kisses care
i shall wait for you in the meadow's dew
praying we will pen poetry anew.