Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Echo Inspector

"Why am I still here?"

"You're not. You're a ghost."

"I thought I left."

"You did. You're always leaving."

"Where am I now?"

"Always here. Never here again."


Mia said...

You are the one who walked away. Have some dignity and don't ever try to come back for the nth time. I am already gone. Waiting for you is a regret; as you always are.

Anonymous said...

and last night, i dreamt of meeting my ex again. it has been 3 years since. and i always wondered how people can just let go and move on like nothing ever happened. i can't. someone special will always have some place in my heart, even if someone else comes along.

Anonymous said...

There's never a reason for you to still be here but every time that I have least expected it and most needed it, you have stopped leaving. I don't know if I should thank you or ask you to stop. But today, just for today - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes allowing ghosts to remain in the present causes more pain than keeping them where they belong. You reach out and they pull back, and repeat, and repeat. They continue to haunt you until you are far too exhausted to reach out. Which presents you with one choice: Let go.

I still love him but I'll keep past in the past and live my life without him.

Iris said...

Arguably the best picture I've seen in all of iwrotethisforyou. Kudos to the photographer.

And the words are intriguing and multi-faceted, as always.

Anonymous said...

I just can't let myself come back anymore. Be strong. Don't do stupid things when you figure out I am not coming back this time. You know what I am talking about. I will always love you.

This person said...

Oh, yeah, I can see that now. Thank you for your wonderful words.

I'm just not sure how to feel about being a ghost.

zonedin said...

I only want to be where I belong. The trouble is knowing where that is?

Anonymous said...

Ill be gone
Really soon
Tired of waiting for you
And ill never come back

kaelisy said...

I'm flying away
I'm not waiting for you anymore
I'm going to be free
And I feel sorry for you
That you can never be brave and strong
Always bounded by the shackles of self pity,fear and cowardice
And 1 day it will be too late
You'll just exist as an empty shell

Anonymous said...

I love not only the words you wrote but the feelings it made me feel as I read them. It brought me back to a time of confusion, of trying to think and re-think of each possible logical explanation of all the why's, what's and how's to just trying to understand and clearly comprehend it all, searching for the reasons & purpose that begat the manner & stance of where I am now, and know the answers for all the fears doubts and uncertainties that flood my every living moment. So often I've heard it said that perhaps it was not for me to ever know or understand. Still, each time that was said to me I silently ask to myself, why then do we question if there isn't an answer be had? My belief is simply this. O. Not the letter, not the number. Just simply a all lies within. The beginning. The end. When all of time comes together, the past, present, future. Everything comes, goes & returns from within. Peace & blessings til we meet and come together again love.

Alyssa said...

One day, I'll here your voice from across the universe. I will feel your echoes on the same road we've been to and I will tell myself,Alas! I found you. But until then, I'll have to hope. One day.