Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Colours Of Stolen Sleep

Now I'm awake and you're here. 
Now I'm dreaming and you're here. 
Now I have nothing but days.

Never nights.


Anonymous said...

you may cross my mind
you may invade my dreams
but the sun shines a little longer as falling asleep is getting easier

every single night since you left

FeverDream said...

i no longer call it dreaming. nor do i like the days as much as the nights. you're everywhere in the worst way and i can't seem to relax.

Mystical said...

Unlike most of your faithful readers, I have a hard time swallowing that you could've possibly written this for me because I can't connect to some of your posts, but what I do know is that if anyone said all that stuff to me, I would love them. I almost added forever, but we don't live forever.

Anonymous said...

when i wake up, there you are

i go to work, you disappear, but it slows down long enough to think and there you are

when i meet someone that wants to take me out, you disappear, but halfway through the date, there you are

when i am out having fun, you disappear, but then i see something or meet someone that reminds me of you and there you are

when i go to sleep, that is when i break down, the part of me you'll never see but there you are.

our mutual friend told me to call it was emergency, it wasn't even about you

but my first concern, my frist, worry, the first person to appear in my mind, there you are

there you are, possibly the love of my life and i keep denying it. but i dont know how to go back now. i dont know how to fix this.

emer said...

i first read it as the color of stolen sheep.

Hopeless Romantic said...

I remember when I felt like this about someone. I miss that feeling.

Anonymous said...

@BT I think his faithful readers do, but in the absence of reality we can dream. I don't know about you but my dreams are rarely this beautifully eloquent.

Anonymous said...

I wish I feel you, but my life is different from yours. Every morning I wake up, I feel part of me doesn't belong, physically but during the day, it would be mentally. Is innocence a real bliss.

Anonymous said...

I really miss having nothing but days, but I'm afraid The Days will get bored with me after a while. It's probably best to allow the nights too. And after's not really my own choice.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing but days.
Nights are the times when no one should see me.
I break down, I crumble apart.
I cry and cry because it is a sad thing to spend the nights without the one I used to spend all nights with.
Knowing I'm sharing you with another, kills me inside.
But then again, the same question appears; who am I to own?