Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Past Keeps Going Away

After you're gone, people will forget your name, no matter how important it was, and your face, no matter how pretty it was, and what you said, no matter how clever any of it sounded.

The things you've done will crumble and fade and the places you once loved, will change and be given new names.

You are only here for one moment and it lasts exactly one lifetime.


H. Stos. said...


Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to know that my leaving wound not hurt anyone for that is not my intention, however it leaves me with the thought that even if I stayed I still would not be loved. See this is all I have asked for and all I never got, I've waited years and it has left me heartbroken to know I am not loved. Why??? This question drives me mad, have I not been so deserving to be blessed in this way? I feel so alone and have for so long. I am torn between my happiness and my sorrow both of which are of great heights. I DID IT! I am so glad for this and honoured but within this though is my saddness. For what does it matter what we achieve if we do not have the right people to share it with. You do not know everything, and you act as though you do, you are listening to people whom do not respect me and you are lending your voice to them. Stop this!!!! it angers me I do not trust them and I have not for sometime. All this holding on I have done for you and our mission. Why have you left me??? I am weak now and still no voice from you why??? Do you not understand that your love feeds me, do not listen to other people you came here with me, listen to me and I will listen to you. I miss you and it is making me sick please stop torchering me and allowing other people too do the same. Call me, take me out it is my medicine I cannot get this anywhere elses I have tried it does not work. I am just tring to survive please stop being angery with me and punishing me. As for leaving tomorrow I have been asked too and now there is no where left for me to go but to run. If I leave and people forget me then so be it I will know I did everything I could and I will find some comfort in this someday.

MELISSA L said...

I think if you loved well enough, those around you and those who had the chance of even having that one moment with you... even after your gone, you remain.

Anonymous said...

But I have dreamed of being remembered. I have desired it. I have spent years building up the block to make my name... shine. And whatever will happen if my name doesn't shine? I'm bigger now. I'm a big shot. I'm a big thing. And I pray to God that people will be remembering me, if it's a name on a building or a book on a shelf. I need them to remember me. I need you to validate me.

You're bigger now. Tell me how this is supposed to end.

Anonymous said...

"I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" so the ones who love money, don't love God <3 be aware!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I even came back here, I've only laid 2 thoughts down in the past 18 months, both being in the past week. This is my third and last. I've moved on and did awhile ago, but moving on doesn't mean you're over it. The therapist didn't help, but the cathartic release of public self-inventory did it this time for me to really get over it. I'm now more alone than I've ever been. The industry knows of me? So what? I'm on a clean slate, a new platform ready to launch. Those old tapes have been erased, those old "friendships" have been discarded. I'll probably be single forever, but at least I'm secure in my self. All I was looking for.... I don't hate you, I don't love you. Just an old friend who's more than welcome to become a current friend, just like (some of) the rest. Love is too confusing and unstable, it'll take something really spectacular for me to ever fall again and even then...

That girl. said...

You, are you bitter, angry, hurt, perhaps lonesome? Because I feel the words you write have changed. It was Once you wrote to encourage. Now it feels like you write to discourage. You know your words will be remembered. Your books, your blogs will keep you alive long after your decaying beneath our feet. You will always be in our hearts. Surely you know this. So tell me, why don't you think I will be remembered? I am on a long and wearing journey to prove myself worthy to my own damn self. But I'm making progress, please realize that some of us aren't on such solid ground. The fear of falling is always present, be careful not to push anyone with your words. We just might lose our lives; our hearts, heads, or both.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I don't think this is meant to discourage in anyway? On the contrary, I feel like this is actually meant to be something encouraging. Yes, we may be remembered by friends and family, but what happens after they are gone too? What happens after they are gone and their friends and family are gone and when our whole civilization is gone as well?

I think that it's just trying to say that all we really have is our lives now, appreciate it and make the best out of it. And be happy :)

Dreamer said...

you are here and now
sum of past and unshaped future
yet if you truly are in the moment
you are raindrop in the ocean
reverberating across universe
where i am
where you are
where we all are
now always and ever will be

Anonymous said...

Nobody forgets Gods. Nobody forgets stories. Nobody forgets great Kings and Emperors. Nobody forgets the truly monstrous.

Anonymous said...

I like you to forget about me because you don't really love me.

I'm afraid I don't know what love actually is.

Maybe when you die a snapshot of my life will pass you by and see how bad my life ever went the only place I layed my shadowshide on was the internet.

It is probably not the best thing but it has made the lives of people surrounding me better.

If you are honoust you probably wont end up with a lot of friends, but you will have the right ones.