Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Ghosts

Buildings crumble. People die. Friends move away. But your memory of them will always stand. And they will be as real there, inside you, as they were when they were standing next to you.

Your memories are real. They are the dreams of the past. And they will live with you always.


Mark said...

Comforting thought, thanks

Me said...

I am honoured that you took the time to read it, thank you mark.

Anonymous said...

My memory isn't very good anymore.
I'm sure the memories are still there, I'm just not as good at finding them.

Lan said...

thank you.
I needed this.
Thank you so much. said...

a sad reality. how memories are the only things we have left, because we forget.

but if we don't want to forget, we won't. i know we won't.

klara said...

But what happens with them when it's your turn to die ?

Anonymous said...

You get so bored without me.

My past is not as grim as your imagination paints it to be. I get everything I want. Except you. The way I wanted you.


Do you want me to feel insecure for saying how I feel? You want my reaction? You want to see that I care? Otherwise why would you be reading?

I do miss you. I do care about you. I do love you. So what? I've told you all of this before. Something really bad happened last week. I really did need you because I really do trust you with everything.

You think you are bad for me but it goes both ways. I must really be something awful for you too. So why can't you just let go if I'm so awful? Clearly you get something out of this. Maybe you should figure that out or tell me to leave you alone for forever. Because I was this close to that then last week happened and

say it

say you hate me
say I annoy the hell out of you
say get lost

It's okay. Say it.

I'm moving 2000 miles away. I'm never going to see you again. Just your words. So end it all. Now.

You can't hurt me anymore.