Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Tears

Lots of people who'd never even met you were at your funeral. I was one of them. I started crying as we walked out, bitter tears that shook my entire body. My friend turned to me and said "Why are you crying? You didn't even know them."

I replied "That is why I am crying."


shara said...

i recently went to a funeral of some distant relative and there were people crying and telling stories and i just started cying because i never knew what an anaming person she was.

klara said...

I searched for the good entry to post this and I found it fast.
I just learned that a neighbour has killed himself. He was sick. I didn't even know that. He didn't want to suffer more and more so he shot in his head. (I wonder where he got the gun from ?!)
I know this is horrible but... everything looks so normal, I feel like I have to say it to people. Never before something so terrible happened so near me...
So peace to his soul. That was it.