Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Gift

Your hurt. Your anger. Your pain. Your sorrow. Your frustrations. These are all there for a reason. Use them.

Be inspired.

Do something.

Change the world.

5 comments: said...

i want to. i need to know how.

Anonymous said...

It isn't something you need to know how to do. It's something you need to go out, start, and give your all doing; you will make mistakes along the way and you will get lost, and you will lost your way (which is an entirely different thing from being lost). You see people in the world suffering the way you are, and you help them. Start small, try to inspire them to do the same. That will start a revolution. This revolution will be the smallest and the largest to ever occur.

klara said...

Anonymous, beautiful words you said there <3

That girl said...

The smallest and largest to ever occur, eh?
I love that.

somethingwithmeaning said...

Every time I hurt I write. Every time I love I turn thatperson into a series of stanzas and mmetaphors that mean so much more when they are actually based off of a person that's important to you, but every time I write I feel worse than I did before because I know that my words will never compare to the ones you write here Iain. And mr. Thomas what does it take to get a moment of your attention.