Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Conversation

Talk. You need to tell the people around you what's on your mind.


Anonymous said...

At this stage, I'll continue to play my games until I know that everyone is worth the risk of me being completely cut open.

Anonymous said...

I so desperately want this. I miss you. I really really do. Please talk to me in what ever language you choose. Please show me it's -you-
I need to fix a chain of snowflakes. Ghosts of apologies.

Building a mystery.
Holding on and holding in.

Give me a sign in your direction.
Show me the road to your soul.

Anonymous said...

Ok, listen to this. I have been writing the same thing endlessly, till I am sick of seeing the words on the screen but my pain doesn't lessen. I am just more familiar with the sore spots and what brings back the pain. But i am not healing. I know if you were here, to love me again, with your tainted love, it would all be ok.
Won't you come back, please.I want to hate and love you again. It all I know. When you gone I have a river of uncertainty. I want your certainty even when you are wrong.
I'm so alone without your lies to cloak me from the truth outside. There is too much , too many choices. I need your direction to rebel against. I need your kindness to take for granted. I need to pour my love into you. Plants flourish under my touch. I could love you better.

M said...

and i quote what Anonymous said...
"I know if you were here, to love me again, with your tainted love, it would all be ok."

Please tell me that everything will be fine. you just needed your breathing space for the meantime - but i'll wait til you're ready... Please be it soon -_-

Anonymous said...

Why did u leave me talking alone when I was? Why did u leave me expressing alone when I was? Why did u need more when u already have? How else could I make u understand? Is this the reason why I was left running alone with my flowing tears.