Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Finding

“Why is it so important that you find me?” you ask as we step through the forest. Sky above. Ground below.

“Because you will be great. You will change the world. You will define the future and inspire generation upon generation. You are a gift to mankind.” I reply.

“Me?” You laugh.

“Yes.” I say. “You.”


Anonymous said...

i don't know why there's not a huge string of comments on this post, but it is breathtaking.

nisa_CH said...

there's not many comments on this post because everybody laughed as they read this and hardly believe that "you are a gift to mankind" .

klara said...

What if you tell this to someone who doesn't want to change the world at all ?

Anonymous said...

@klara: Can you think of a single person in history whose goal was to change the world? People act out of necessity, not for the glory of it all, but for the knowledge that it's the right thing to do.