Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Roof

You have a roof over your head. Food in your stomach. People who know your name and use it. A blanket. A pillow. A sun that rises and sets.

You are the luckiest person alive.


Alix Dahl said...

I know. But sometimes it doesn't feel like that is enough and I hate it because it is. And when I know it is I feel bad because how could I be happy when so many other people are unhappy? And then I lose myself and I can't get myself back again for a while.

Those moments when I feel lost are the worst.

calm interlude said...

i love this sentence..everytime i read it, it's feels like innocence comes back to know..that childhood innocence that makes you believe in the simplicity of life..of the world..

we need that every once in a while..
thanks for this.

to alix..
"the best time to be found is when you are lost" hang on..

"if life doesn't suck, we'd all fall off..":D

klara said...

I know. I am happy for a very simple reason. I feel I don't have the right not to be. Many people around me either, but it's my own happiness I can decide the best about.

sheesh said...

I live comfortably. And everybody loves me. I dont just feel lucky, I feel blessed. :D