Monday, September 15, 2008

The Now That Didn't Then

But really, everything happens all at once.

Every single moment that's passed and the moments still to come are all happening right now, in this moment. You are young. You are old. You laugh. You cry. You smile. You win. You lose. You don't care about either anymore. You love. You don't. You love again. You hurt. You heal.

All at once.

There's nothing and no one to miss because it's all still happening. They're still here.

And it'll all continue to happen, forever.


debtink said...


Anonymous said...

I feel like the things you write were meant for me. We probably all do. But I think I do especially.

Anonymous said...

live in the now, its all you have

MKMoondust said...

This is true, but does that mean all these thoughts of yours are all at the same moment? Meaning you truly are a genius?

Trevor said...

The idea is amazing...thank you. You deserve it.