Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Fractures

If anyone's going to break this heart, I think it should be you.


Rob said...

This, this is how I feel right now.
Thank you.

Me said...

A pleasure, thank you for reading it.

Anonymous said...

hi i just found your blog and must say the words anmages are utterly stunning. i also wanted to ask that if i wrote these words down or copied the images, who do i credit them to? i would like everyone to know where i got these wonderful words and images.

Me said...

Hi, you can click on the facebook link on the top right, otherwise I normally have a link to a page that explains who wrote it (being me) and who takes the pictures (being Jon) but recently that page has been suffering from some bad html so I took the link down for a while.

This post explains everything: