Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wet Hair And Eyes

You are a drop of perfect in an imperfect world. And all I need, is a taste.


m said...


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

A beautiful image tied to a beautiful sentiment.
It is the articulation of what I have been wanting to tell someone for some time. Now, you have given me a way.
Thank you for sharing this.

Miss B said...

And you are a drop of imperfect (in an imperfect world). And I'd rather have the smallest taste of that than the largest gulp of perfect any day.

misplacedfriend said...

I know I told you earlier...but this photo is breathtaking. :-) kudos.
The language fits perfectly.

Thumbs up today (and everyday), fellas.


Ally said...

and i love you for it.

E. said...

I always tell people not to be obsessed with perfection because it simply doesn't exist.And anyway how can you ask others to be something that you can't be either?But here I am, completely obsessed with you and what I think you are.Perfect,that is.

hey said...

Darlin' tell the truth
Don't turn away
This is our last chance
To touch each other's hearts
Does anything last forever?
I don't know
Maybe we're near the end
Darlin' oh how can we go on together
Now that we've grown apart
Well the only way to start
Is heart to heart

Anonymous said...

what is up with people and their obsession about anything perfect? makes us wonder if anyone ever really experienced 'perfect' before to actually tell the tale for us to be able have a comparison, this life of ours that isn't perfect that we always complain so much about.
shucks, i rambled on, oh well. :)

thank God for this site, eh? nice one guys!

vonyd said...

A little of perfection goes a long way for satisfaction.

Mary said...

Usually I tend to focus on the words more than the photo...but today's photo grabbed my attention immediately. Beautiful, beautiful!

HC said...

you read my heart and you understand.
thank you :)

Aman said...


Abaddon said...

very sweet

Anonymous said...

I lower case with a hooping to the left. am..on the hill?

Anonymous said...

I give up. Mercy!

Anonymous said...

Help me pls