Monday, December 14, 2009

The Copenhagen Situation

When they eventually discover this lonely blue dot, they will know that you and I, we did not destroy ourselves, because we will still be here. And we will compare notes on what it means to exist.

Or they will know that we failed. Because we won't be here, anymore.


kimberly anne said...

are we already failing?

xueni ; said...

those look like petals of flowers;
beautiful world.

ugly humans.

Anonymous said...

i won’t be here.tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

no... please... hang on for a little longer. you never know what could happen. you never know who would care.

Anonymous said...

i live in copenhagen.
the world looks better from above.

Fara Rara said...

i won't give up,if you don't,if we don't.

A said...

thanks iain! because you posted and because this blog reaches out to so many people, maybe, just maybe there's still hope!

if we make a difference today, we will live to see tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

i tried to fight for us... but in the end... it was your lack of belief that failed us... don't look for me tomorrow... i've already gone

Abaddon said...

Idk how many people here are religious or not but the Bible says "God" wont allow the Earth to be ruined by man. So I have faith he'll "step in" if things get to out of hand

Alexa Ross said...

ugly humans?
we're just as beautiful as the world we inhabit. but we are one of many, many inhabitants. and we have lost sight of that. hopefully we come to see soon.

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Anonymous said...

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Hopelessly Flawed said...

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