Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The One I Miss

Just say goodbye. You can say it when you get up from the couch. You can say it at the door. I will say it when you get to your car. I'll scream it as you drive away.


Sab said...

For some reason, this meant something to me.

Anonymous said...

goodbye is a very selfish word.

Ally said...

how did you know
that this happened to me
and he didn't say it.
i should have screamed it.
i really wish i had screamed it now.

Miss B said...

(It's doing that thing, again -- where you get one letter at a time down the right side of the photograph...)

rainbowtear_kat said...

i hate the one i miss cause he doesn't even miss me back

i love this :)

Anonymous said...

Goodbye sounds so..final..like you will never come back to me.

Please don't say goodbye to me right now..

Not yet.

I couldn't take it.

Eyra said...

Sometimes it isn't always as easy. Don't you know it?

Anonymous said...

"never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting."--peter pan

Anonymous said...

i never say good bye. I am always afraid that the person will never return. Its too finite of a word. then again I will regret not saying good bye when they do go away.

Apple N. said...

Don't go.

Anonymous said...

goodbyes are so false
we sing them in a tone that lets others think we're okay

we only cry it when it's final
when they leave
when you leave

please stay?

Anonymous said...

I thought that there were other chances. But I'd guess the only chance is now.

Anonymous said...

i will never say goodbye
you can say it if you wish
but i will never believe you

Anonymous said...

If I could..

Anonymous said...

I will take a flight..

Anonymous said...

I will go close to the place you work and I will spy you for 3 days..

Anonymous said...

and then I will tell you I was there.

That will be my guilty pleasure.


Anonymous said...

This stupid commentarie's game, I wonder what you are hiding??

I'm gonna do bad things to you.....


-LyS- said...

i will always miss you..

Anonymous said...

I have to say it - either now or two years from now.
I don't want to say it.
It's too final of a word.

Anonymous said...

go ahead

gatewayplan said...

Only say goodnight. Only goodnight, because it only lasted until the next time I saw you. The next morning, perhaps. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

that wouldn't be difficult.
it might be crazy not to
(please don't)

pinky promises
to never hurt you

wishful promises
no difficult-ness
no craziness.

side note: takes some to know some ;)

im not your favorite person right now. but i have my fingers crossed.

love ya.

Libby said...

This is just like the scene when I almost left my love (because although I loved him very much, I had to). But that was last time around. This time around we stayed together at that point. But not for too much longer, unfortunately... :/

I hope I get to see him again and love him once more. :)