Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Falling Ash Reminded Me Of Snow

So you wrote words on the walls of the prison. Never noticing that the paragraphs became cages. Each sentence, a bar. Every word, another lock.


vox said...

i find your thoughts intriguing.
insightful. fresh.

in my blog, i attempt to write my own words. it may look very similar to you, but it wasn't ever made to be that way.

with that said, these writings inspire me to be better.

thank you

Miss B said...

But then, sometimes, every word is a key unlocking the universe entire. (Words are funny, that way. And so, I suppose, is the universe...)

rainbowtear_kat said...

this has touched me in alot of ways.

awesome :)

Bridget said...

i challenge you to look down, pick up that eraser, and fly away.

i look forward to this, accompanied by my coffee, every morning before class. Thank You.

Unknown said...

Words really do manifest their own world..

btw, is this about you and Jon becoming self-aware and imprisoning us one word at a time?

Chop Logik said...

Stand in a meadow at sunset and don't say a word, just watch all the prisons crumble.

n. said...

i find this very sad, but it is true, though.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that if we say 'what-if's and think of the things we're not supposed to think about, the more confused we will get? And when we're confused with our thoughts, we won't get the answer to what we're questioning.

Anonymous said...

And the wall is yet only another canvas of cotton and leather I've inked upon.

Another shoelace amidst the many others I've tripped over.


mas42duke said...

Gorgeous, heartbreaking, and salient. Much love.

Anna said...

You are my hero

Shay said...

I hope this post doesnt symbolize a change in your perspective (on your own writing).

I hope that there is never a day (or at least very few days) where you feel like you "HAVE" to write. Have to write: for the tips, out of duty, for your zealous followers, to vindicate yourself against misguided critics.

I hope you write because you don't know what else to do or how else to bring forth the beauty that lies inside you. That you write because you feel empty when you don't. I hope you write because it's refreshing and makes you genuinely happy. That you write because this is what you were meant to do.

Otherwise, they are just empty words on a screen.

I hope your words open doors rather than shut them, in your eyes as well as the worlds.

Willow said...

...with phrases you could not return home from, commas to pause you in forever, periods to end you in eternity.

But you could write some words on the window and pronounce your way out. If you wanted to, that is.