Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Feathers Fall Slowly

Maybe you don't know them like I do. Maybe it's vengeance and maybe it's love.
Maybe they're smiling at other people the way they used to smile at me.
Maybe they've grown tired of drinking light like water, late at night.

Or Maybe, they're just tired. You don't know them like I do.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they've grown tired of drinking light like water, late at night.

This line really struck me. <3

Anonymous said...

I don't get that line, but beautiful as always. Xx worth waking up for.

Skylar Cherie said...

I recently discovered this blog, and I must say, I was instantly drawn in. I was intrigued beyond words by the things you have to say. Rest well knowing that you have eased the mind of at least one lost soul.

Anonymous said...

This post really hit home today.
So thanks. <3

iamfreefall said...

I SUPERLIKE this post. thanks a bunchie. =)

li-thium said...

i love this :))

Margaret said...

I know them like you do. Thanks for helping to explain it.

shootingatspiders said...

This made me think of the phrase 'you don't know them like I do' in a different way. I always sort of saw it in a 'I know them better than you' way, but it's not. It's just different. Different memories, different past connections and interpretations of facial expressions.
Maybe they aren't who you knew them to be anymore, but it still stands that no-one in the whole world can know another person just like you can.

I love this :)

Luna said...

the feathers fall from the sky
and land upon the ground
here and there scattered all around
where do the come from
a bird passing by, a pillow thrown up high, or an angel on the wing of wonder floating in my sky.