Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Peace I Won When I Stopped Fighting

I'm sorry, but no gun can frighten me and no word can hurt me. No wave can knock me over and no rain can slow me. No night can tire me and no fire can burn me.

Because I have found the strength to do the things I believe in, and the will to stop doing the things I don't believe in.

So I have discovered what it means, to be at peace.

And you, my friend, will never find a big enough gun.


MM said...

Where is hurt there is life!
No human should be invincible because in weakness is more strength then in neglect. Consider that as long as you stand up just that one more time, put your head up again and face the gun it might be for another victory. One has to fall to rise :-)

ONLY ME said...

Yet how long before one gets to that stage?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I could not agree more. Slowly but surely I am reaching there. Baby steps. :-)

Anonymous said...

Probably so

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.

Tanya said...

i've been reading you for long, guess this is my fave