Monday, July 9, 2007

The Headstones

Now that we can communicate with the dead, a few of them you might know, have something to say to you.
I know how you felt, even if sometimes you didn't show it. I know why now (I know everything now) and I understand. I wish I could've done more for you. I wish I could've known you better. My love for you is the one thing that will never die.
Stop being so SAD (lol). You're not the one who died!
Brush your teeth. Take your vitamins. I'm watching you.


Anonymous said...

I found this at the right time.

Thank you.

Me said...

Thank you for finding it.

Unknown said...

i feel that its like true,...

Anonymous said...

whenever i read this, the pain of my dad's passing seemed to be lessened by the humor in it:) thanks. you've touched so many souls in this life.

Jezz Fezz said...

The eerie thing about this one is that all three of those voices, I would expect to hear from someone I know. Exactly what they would say to me.

Jezz Fezz said...
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N. said...

I miss him, this is exactly what he would've said to me.....i have the most major exams of my life going on, i just lost a friend, he killed himself, im losing the person i loved the most a little more everyday too.... . everything that seemed perfect seems to be falling apart.
words sometime have more power to heal you then time ever will have.
Thank you, it doesn't seem's probably what you here everyday, but thank you, nothing else seems appropriate or enough to tell you how grateful i really am.
not everyone you meet for the first time is a heard that once..didn't know what it meant till now.

K said...

Not atmall creepy.