Friday, September 12, 2008

The Last Second

But what if I still love you?


Sophie said...

then it will only get harder from here. I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

you speak for my heart. i need you right now. im so happy i found you.

Anonymous said...

go on loving. that's how it goes I guess.

Anonymous said...

what if you told me you still loved me? i'd laugh, look into your eyes, & state that you never loved me in the first place. but that i wish you would. & i'd say this as quietly as i could - where you could hear me, though you couldn't make out what i'd been saying.

Me said...

You always know what to say :)

debtink said...

I had to chose - be with one and not the other. Both were young and talented. Both made me laugh. I loved them both. I was 22 years older than one and 20 years older than the other. One said," I'll never stop loving you." The other said "I don't know how I'll feel when you get old."

I chose the younger, not by age, but because I knew I could not stop getting old.

We went together to tell the other. I held him while he cried, "I should have asked you to marry me What if I still love you?"

He came to the wedding. It was years later that came back to haunt me. That the reason we never put a book of our wedding photos together was that he was in almost all of them.

And what if I still love him?
I’m not sure we ever stop loving.
We just stop being able to say it.

Me said...

I'm glad we never stop loving. I still love every single person I've ever loved and I've never loved any two the same way.

At the same time, I can honestly say I can't comprehend having to make a choice like that debs.

Anonymous said...

what if he is awful and terrible and a liar and a cheat and i still love him and want his soft skin beside me?

Anonymous said...

You can't wish love away
You can't wish away the pain it brings
You can't stop love, regardless of circumstance
The people you love most are usually the ones that hurt you the most
Can you live with the temporary pain until you heal again?
Or will you try to heal and get burnt by love again and again?
There is no right answer, it's personal choice


you know that that is something that will never change.
bothways dear. bothways.

sharona said...

And what if I never told you?

Allonah said...

that just hit me so hard. iain, you've just broken my heart. thank you.

AF said...

What if I still love you? I keep asking this same question to myself ever since. I've been pretending all my life that it's all over. That I'm over you. But whatever. I should have known better. Everytime I looked away, your face will always be there. It's not like it was ever away, in the first place. So, what if I still love you? I don't think I have ever stopped, though. Well, you. You, on the other hand, you are the one who doesn't even bother to turn around here.