Monday, March 23, 2009

The Need For Honesty After Midnight

Not the first one in the morning or the one on the TV, the well-meaning phone call on a Monday night one or some you find on the radio - The voice that whispers between your ears before you fall asleep, that's the one you pay attention to.


BaggieSue said...

I miss my darling so much and your words make me miss him more.

Thanks tho, its true you know, the word whispered to you before you fell asleep, will leave a great impact on your heart, even it just to say, "good night".

Me said...

True story BaggieSue :)

Me said...

Things you should know:

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The prizes aren’t anything special and whether we win anything or not, we’ll be taking down the voting button or the “You’ve Won” button if we do, so that the site can go back to it’s simple original self.

This is something we can use to get leverage on a publisher though and that’s the main reason its important to us (that and it feels nice to win things).

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To get a publisher interested in, we need to get more people interested and that’s where you come in.

I’ve never been happy with the idea of pushing I Wrote This For You on people and I’ve preferred for people to experience the “findthis” part of “pleasefindthis” and I’m still not happy with changing that.

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On the other hand.

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I wrote this for you because you’re special and I want you to have a printed version of it and this is the only reasonable way of doing it that I can see.

So tell people about it. But let them find it. Finding is the important part.



Miss B said...

I suppose something in the way of the anonymous poetry postcards I've been doing would be too much "Here it is." and not enough "Golly, look what you found!?" for your tastes...?

(if not, then -- hey, doll, have I got a crazy suggestion for you...! I can scan you copies of exactly what I'm sending; you could easily do something almost identical for very little ice cream money. It's just the getting-your-hands-on-phone books bit which proves semi-vexing...)

Anonymous said...

i want to know everyone's story as to how they found this. i really, really do.

Anonymous said...

hi there is there a limit to how many times I can vote for you using one e-mail address?

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I love you guys. I really honestly do. Your words and Jon's pictures help my soul. Congratulations on your ice creams. Good luck on the awards. Will you be doing a book tour? I would adore an autograph, and a hug.

Anonymous said...

His voice? Her voice? Your voice?

I hear different voices every night, before I go to dreamland. Some good, some bad.

So for the person reading my comment, who do you hear? Share? :)

alix.dahl said...

N., I hear my own voice.

And I wish I didn't.

Because I don't like the things it's saying.

Anonymous said...

oh god I don't like what my voice is saying either. I wish I had someone to whisper to me before I fall asleep, just to wish me sweet dreams and hold my hand to keep it warm.I know it's very cliche but isn't this what we all want in the end?

Anonymous said...

I usually hear his voice because he is on the phone with me, singing to me or telling me a story as I fall asleep. I would rather here his rather than mine, my angel, his amazing thoughts and words which are a guiding light.

Anonymous said...

i miss that voice so much, haven't heard his voice in the longest time and doubt i will anytime soon but i miss the sound so much it actually hurts.

Anonymous said...

I heard his voice again last night. I was euphoric.

Francesca said...

Thanks for my Birthday Present! =)

Mineke said...

How absolutely beautiful; every word, every thought and every breath....

Anonymous said...

who are you listening to when there's no voice whispering?

Anonymous said...

I only asked for honesty.

Your honesty fooled me.