Monday, March 16, 2009

The Time It Rained Underwater

But nothing is wasted. There's no song you can listen to, no person you can speak to, no moment it takes to see things as they are that doesn't teach you something.

You need everything you know.


aish. said...

Wow! First coloured photo! As long as I've been visiting here, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Colour again.

I'm in awe.

Chop Logik said...

I really tried to absorb your message for me, to see the profundity behind it. But, with these ads, it all rang so hollow, so contrived. I'm typing this only because it bothers you. You see, I prefer to mix my truth with lies, as you choose to mix yours with Google Ad-sense.

Me said...

This is something I wrote to the members of the facebook group I'm just going to leave this here for now.


I've got something to tell you.

This isn't the surprise I spoke about over the weekend, although that's happening in the next week or so.

I've always tried to be as honest as I can with what I tell you as I feel that's where the magic lies, in the truth. It's easy to pretend to be someone else or who you want to be at that moment but a lot harder to simply be who you are because that takes a certain amount of guts and a willingness to be vulnerable. Which is hard in a world like the one we live in.

There are going to be ads on I Wrote This For You.

Now, this is a pretty big deal for me because the actual experience you have when you find the blog is incredibly important to me and I've always been a bit reluctant to add too much of anything to it besides the stuff that works and what you enjoy.

After chatting to Jon about it, we decided that the only person who really cares that much about a few extra blocks of text (google ad sense at this point) on the page is me and that you probably wouldn't mind. And we'd be able to make some ice-cream money on the side.

I really, really hate second guessing you though.

So tell me how you feel. It's an experiment at this point.



PS. It might seem silly but I wanted to tell you instead of just doing it because you're important to me and I want you to be involved.

Me said...

Also, just so you know:


Anonymous said...

How can you be looking at the ads when the text and pictures are so blindingly inspiring?
The ads are more than insignificant.

Anonymous said...

I think I love you that much more. I never would have thought that ad space was something that would.. matter much to anyone. But you DO care about us enough to make it matter. The ad doesn't bother me a bit.
The words mean so much more.

Miss B said...

That is so funny -- I didn't notice the ads at all, and then after seeing the comments I went back to look for the ads...and it took me more than a few moments to actually find them. But I am a bit dim at the best of times...

(also, I am firmly in favor of anything that potentially leads to ice cream...)

calm interlude said... also took me some time to see the ads..i guess i wouldn't mind you having them there..^_^

and nice photo, as always Jon!:)

Elizabeth DuPre said...

I've been coming to your site for some time now, and though there have been several entries that have deeply affected me, this is the first one I've actually posted on. This delay results from the fact that I've been affected by watching the community that's gone up around your blog almost as much as the actual posts themselves, and I am extremely hesitant to intrude on something so serendipitously perfect. But I felt that I ought to post because of your indecision over the ads.
If you need the money, then you should keep the ads up. No one decries poets for publishing, throws rotten tomatoes at a book reading. We appreciate the art that has been presented to us, even if it comes on the coattails of some corporation. But if you don't need the money, maybe you might think on Borges, who, later in his life, lamented, "Perhaps I would have liked to be my father, who wrote and had the decency of not publishing." If it is really for you, if it is really for us, perhaps the ads should be more of a necessity than a luxury.
But this is all the opinion of someone who posts far too long of a comment. So cheers, and I'll be coming back-- no matter what you decide to do with the ads.

lilbent said...

That's kind of my personal philosphy. Everything has a lesson. Everything is necessary

Anonymous said...

how perfect. thanks for writing for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elizabeth. The ads don't bother me, but they don't enhance the experience of reading your words and watching your images.

Your words mean so much to me, I can relate to everything you write, and I appreciate a lot the fact that you consider my opinion to put ads. <3

tet said...

i did not notice the ads. they don't bother me at all. and i am really grateful that you asked for my opinion.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I'll have to remind myself of this from now on.

♥ I live at

Fruitaay said...

I support artists making money. If you make a book, I'd buy it, if ads pay some of your bills, that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

i don't mind the advertisments at all, i've loved your beautiful words and images for a really long time and nothing will ever detract from them, thank you so much, i love you

OlgaArthalokaBonita said...

one word

loveology said...

But what do i really
really know?

Anonymous said...

Iain, go for it.
Thank you so much.