Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Dark

You said you were fine. You said you were ok. You smiled. Or at least your mouth did. I knew you were lying. The doctor phoned too often. Just to speak to you. That far away look you got in your eyes at the window. The way you held me as if every time you did might be your last. Like you wanted to remember the way my chest felt against yours.

The smell of hair.

The taste of skin.

Fingers along a back.

Familiar patterns.




Anonymous said...

That is really deep, really good! I can understand it!

Ash. said...

I know that this entry is two years old, so you will probably never read this. But those words just hit me so hard that they brought tears to my eyes. Because they were exactly what I was thinking, just moments before I stumbled upon them. I cling to those sensual memories, because I'm terrified that that is all they will ever be from this point on.

Me said...

I read everything.


yingying said...

I don't know how you do it. But you touch my heart.

Anonymous said...

And now you've been gone for three years and I miss your touch...I miss you smell...I miss my head on your chest. The doctors tried. You fought. Thank you for fighting.

Jenni said...

Cher Vous,
Merci =']
Je t'aime beaucoup.
je vous embrasse.

Libby said...

This sounds like The Wind Rises... :(

A movie not too unconnected with me unfortunately... :/ :)