Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Grass

You didn’t walk up stairs when you were a child. You skipped them, two at a time. You didn’t go around the garden. You went straight through. You didn’t avoid walls and fences. You hopped over them.

Life is too short not to walk on the grass.


Anonymous said...

i miss my childhood

Thando said...

Beautiful. Makes me wanna play in the rain. but also helped me remember that as children we often saw just the end goal; no politics, social norms, shame, indebtedness to make us go the long way around

klara said...

It's funny, that last sentence seems to have imprinted itself in my brain. There are moments where it comes back, for example when I literally walk over the grass, I tell myself "Life is too short not to walk on the grass."

I started skipping the fifth step whenever I went up or down the stairs when I was about 8. I still do that. Until recently my best friend used to do the same whenever she was with me. :)

Libby said...

All those things you said are so true about me! When I was a kid, I never went up stairs one at a time I went up them skipping one, or two, if I could! :) I thought taking it one step at a time was for squares! Lol. But then I moved to a house where I couldn't skip a step anymore, because the individual steps were way to steep and slippery, and I ended up finally stopping entirely! Lol. :)

Thanks for reminding me! ;) :)