Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Traveller

It's not about the light. It's about meeting people in the tunnel.


klara said...

Yes... people who are in the dark like you and search for the light with you. The best friends are made in hard times.

Anonymous said...

Reading your thoughts is like noticing a world-class musician at Bart station; you progress absentmindedly through your day, and then for a brief moment you hear something that speaks to you and then you perceive more than what you see.

You stop.

Then you think, "This is an instrument of Him", as everyone passes you by.

Entranced. Bustling.

Then you become aware of how much time you spend sleeping in the course of a day, and how often you have never really woken up.

How much does it takes to wake you up?

More and more each time.


Everyone is asleep.

Thank you for being my alarm. An instrument of Him.

My daily Plagal Cadence.