Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Frustration

The hardest thing you ever do, will be not doing something.


Anonymous said...

This is true for me.

I've been ignoring her the last couple of days because it's the only thing I know. I've always ran because I never learned to stay and talk about things. Everybody always left me, that's how I learned it.

Not confronting her is hard. And I'm not going to use your advice, even though it's true. I'm just too stubborn for my own good. But thanks anyways.

vonyd said...

It's so hard to not say something....when you want to so badly!

Anonymous said...

Then 18 years pass and you find out she was in love with the entire time. Your pride is what kept you from being with the love of your life for 18 years. It happens so I've been told.

Libby said...

Yes! XD This is what I have been struggling with lately! Lol. How do I get him back around me if I can't talk to him! Agggghhhh! He he. :)