Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Veins

As you put down the poison, I asked you why you stopped if it felt so good.

You told me that you had a feeling that one day you were going to meet some incredibly important people. Who would love you and care for you more than anyone else in the entire world. And you would feel the same way about them.

And that every time you picked up the poison and ended your life a little bit more, you were stealing from them.

These people who would love you.

They will give you a feeling greater than any poison ever could.

Don’t steal from them.


Anonymous said...

simply beautiful.
i wish the one i loved had stopped stealing from me.
but i guess the poison beat me.

Anonymous said...

i feel selfish wanting him to stop, because what hes stealing from me isn't mine to have. its his &he can do whatever he wants with it. right? I wish he would stop, but it makes him happy..

Shara said...

this post hurt. if i had known those people were coming i would have never started. i would never have been so selfish. hopefully this will reach others before they start.

thank you. and i hope you know these posts mean the world to me. i dont know if you read these but just, thank you.