Monday, October 1, 2007

The Vertigo

You found me upside down. Back to front. You pulled me out from the inside. I never said thank you.

I’m sorry.


Anonymous said...

neither did I. It's been 10 years. I still imagine myself walking up to you, and telling you you saved me. And saying thank you. But I haven't seen you in years. And I probably never will because I'm afraid you won't think it's that important. I'm afraid you never knew how important it was because I never had the courage to tell you.

Anonymous said...

My firefighter husband saved the life of a little boy in a five alarm apartment fire around 12 years ago. This little boy has the courage of a lion. Literally. His sweet voice roars guilefully echoing secrets, which in turn will seduce many positive alliances into his circle when he finally grows up. His natural leadership ability is engrained with a passivity that makes others' feel extraordinarily special and loved. This magical vibe the little boy possesses is sure to save many kind souls from the depths of despair as he finally grows.