Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Invisible Warning Labels

You'd think it would be easy for them to mark with red the cigarette that killed you so that you wouldn't smoke it, the drink that does you in with a label cautioning you not to, the kiss that ends the world with flashing lights that spell out the words

"Stay Away."


Selah said...

You'd think so, huh? But I think our hearts and minds do give off warning signs. Sometimes we miss em... sometimes we ignore em.

Dear You,

you're words have become my addiction.


BaggieSue said...

we always end up being reminded of the thing we already know and we loath the people who keep reminding the same thing to us, but in the end, we always forgot, altho the sign was so obvious before.

Miss B said...

Oh. Fuck. Yes.

(except sometimes -- especially with words and kisses -- it wouldn't matter at all; I'm just a fool)

aish. said...

This is the most perfect photo-literal combination in your blog, ever.


I wonder what was going through Jon's(and your) mind when you chose it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes even when we see bright, flashing red warnings, even when we see common sense, even when are friends are acting as warning labels, saying "No! No! Don't go near that/there/them" you still ignore it.

Sometimes this turns out to be the most wonderful thing in the world.

Most of the time it turns out to be the most terrible.

I can just hope I can find someone someday that will love me unconditionally that doesn't need warning signs. Someone who I can love unconditionally back.

Because no matter what they say, no matter how much you want to, you can't force yourself to fall in love with someone.

And that's one of the things in life that makes my shoulders slump.

Francesca said...

sometimes i think we choose to ignore those big shiny red warning lights because we somehow want to prove ourselves wrong... that we inspite of every warning signs available on earth are the ultimate exception. It is our own little way of feeling special... before everything else falls apart and we stupidly question ourselves "why didnt you take notice!!!?"

Anonymous said...

Amazing words.

I'm selfish and I wanted it anyways so I ignored the warnings.

Heaven of Mamals said...


Dieanna said...

The Biggest Killer; is the lack of love.
Especially when it is withheld and replaced with manipulation. Imagine forcing a wild animal into a cage, taking it from it's pack as a way to learn and understand it's nature. You will not learn its true nature by doing this, you will only break its heart from this bad habits would form, it is intinctive for it would become defencive and in this it would become sad. A good teacher must first love for a good student is guided by this. Think of it this way not all men can tame a wolf simply by feeding it, its the love they show and provide that builds that trust. If you are waiting for change to be maid in her perhaps you should try loving her without that cage and not decieveing her with it. Love kills when it is not present it always has, just as love has always changed people.