Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Name Of The Sickness

You had the sadness and too much of it. There's no chemo for that except time.


Alix Dahl said...

Two in one day. Thank you.

Time hurts and time heals. The great thing about that is that even though you may be hurting, at least you're feeling something, at least you know you're on your way to recovery. The bad thing about it is that you know when you're healed that another hurt is just around the corner, waiting.

But we can't spend our lives anticipating the hurt. Because the only thing worse than living in pain is living in so much fear of pain that you're not really alive.

Anonymous said...

time does not heal, imo. we choose healing for ourselves, with help from the support around. either that or a choice, of wallowing and sinking- ever wondered why some people dont get past it? they dont see beyond the past to hope in the future.

learn to let go, as always. nothing is permanent.

Anonymous said...

I don't think time heals either.

Anonymous, whoever you are, thank you for posting your comment. Indeed, the way we go must be our decision.

And thank you, Iain. As always.

Anonymous said...

However, I do think there are things in life that are permanent.

Anonymous said...

I feel that you are the one who chooses to heal, not time. Letting time take over is only allowing forgetfulness and not true healing. Embrace the hurt and overcome it.

Anonymous said...

Time might not make everyone feel better about what's happened, but it passes. I hate the way hurt makes everything about life so painful. I hate feeling helpless to the pain and what has happened.
I hate that we are always told to keep going, when all I want to do is break down and cry and be insane. I hate that being weak hurts. I hate that being strong hurts even more.
I feel like there is nothing to do but hurt. The decision I make to be happy will also hurt me, because that means making the decision to leave him. How do I know that I am making the right decision?

Anonymous said...

will i stop loving him, someday?
will i stop missing him, someday?

please tell me the truth. not just what i want to hear.

Francesca said...

Time in itself acts as a medium to one day finally be happy... At the end of the day... It is up to you to realise for yourself that only you can dig deep into that paralysing sadness... time may not act as the cure - but we do use time to figure it all out. Sometimes a person just needs to put their life on hold...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chess. Really.

IsabellaM said...

i used to think that i would never stop missing him... or loving him. that my heart's breaking would stop me from breathing. a million pieces, shattered and even more.

and then one morning, the sun feels a little bit warmer than yesterday... and the sky might be a bit bluer. you might see one colour in all of the grey... and then you know, it might take a day, a month, a year.... even longer.

but one day your heart will know that it is time to live life!

no-one should tell you that you have to be ok, all the time. no-one has the right to tell you not to fall apart. but those that love you, should have the heart to pick you up... carry you where you fall and encourage you when they see a glimmer of hope in your eyes.

and then one day, you can honestly say... i used to love him, he used to be my world... but he isn't anymore.

i know, i've been there.

IsabellaM said...

time does not always heal. i lost my niece when she was only 6... and the whole in my heart will stay.

but time does take the edges off... allows you to breath a little bit more freely... and remember with a grateful heart - the good times, those that really truly mattered.

BaggieSue said...

times will heal anything, but the scar will always be there, the only things that can make the scar disappear, is to have another big scar over it.

Anonymous said...

Time alone will not heal completely. Forgiveness even if those that hurt you don't ask or want it is the only way to really heal. Sometimes it takes time to be able to forgive.

Anonymous said...

Its drives me crazy.
So much that I lost myself for that period.
Im not sure if I got myself back yet.
But I know Im on my way.

They say bad things happen for a reason
But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding
Cos she's moved on while I'm still grieving

theanonymousnosoanonymousone said...

-----> jealous

Jon said...

really have to retake this picture... that perspective is just killer... going to require and early morning special to remove the people :)